Episode 124: @buewho – Using Instagram to change the perception of an entire state with Virginia Buechel

Virginia Buechel (“boo-shell”) (@buewho – “boo-who”) is a digital marketer, native to New Jersey, and is a hobbyist photographer. She is a business savvy explorer always working on digital projects, like @NJspots, a photography community in New Jersey with over 21,000 followers in a little over a year. Besides breaking the stereotypes of New Jersey by featuring gorgeous places around the state, Virginia also enjoys snowboarding and traveling about the country with her partner Stefanie (@stef_livs) to various destinations and National Parks, looking to visit all 59 in her lifetime.

Episode 123: @rachel_six12 | @mncommunity – Using the Instagram community for social good with Rachel Ewell

Rachel Ewell is a Minnesota based photographer and co-founder of @MNcommunity – an Instagram group focused on meeting new people and doing good within the community. In this conversation, Rachel and I discuss how she makes this group function and gives us some great insight into what we need to do in order to get started in this direction.

Episode 122: @andyto – Using storytelling to change the world with Andy To

Andy To is a Bay Area based photographer and videographer. Growing up in a rough neighborhood he’s paved his way through adversity after getting his hands onto a camera. He has dedicated his life to spreading positivity and story telling through film making. As of recently he landed the “worlds coolest job” out of 65,000 applicants with Beautiful Destinations. Never in his life did he imagine moving across the country.

Episode 120: @timbuz – An inspirational conversation with Adorama’s “Through the Lens” series creator Sal D’Alia

Sal D’Alia is the Senior Video Director/Producer at Adorama in NYC. He has worked for Citroen, Nike, Food Network, Glamour, GQ, NY Giants, Bravo, Berman Braum, Sony, DanceOn, Warner Sound, Ultra Records, and John Varvatos. He’s a pioneer of the YouTube’s original content and his online work can be quantified in 80+ million views.