Daily 085: @juluminate – Capturing the city at night

Pam Julian is a single parent who balances a rewarding career in sport management. A part-time photographer, she has found Instagram to be a fantastic medium for not just sharing her work, but for connecting her to so many people around the world. A moderator for two large Instagram feature accounts, she not finds daily inspiration through curating but also finds it incredibly rewarding to share the work of others on these accounts

Daily 084: @rusticlensphotography – Documenting the western US

Evan Jones is a restaurant owner with a passion for photography. His favorite subjects are old mining towns, homesteads, and landscapes of the Northwest United States. Basically anything old, rusty and crusty catches his eye. He loves to explore and he writes a blog about his adventures at www.rusticlens.com.

Daily 083: @ole.don – Documenting your locations

Donny Roys is a field rep at Brooks Sports for the state of Michigan and resides in Lansing, MI. Traveling throughout the state of Michigan allows Donny the opportunity to interact with locals that provide him with the best locations of the area. This allows him to run/hike explore the areas in detail with the goal of finding the perfect photography locations that have that certain “pop of color”, and using his camera he tries to replicate what he’s experienced first hand. Donny is very influenced by his wife and family, and uses them as inspiration when taking photos.