Episode 112: @el_fotomat – Photography, community and travel hacking with Emily Hinchcliff

Emily Hinchcliff is a Philadelphia based photographer with a fine art background and a penchant for all things travel. Emily spent a year solo-adventuring throughout Southeast Asia, India, and Nepal, and has had photo essays featured by Passion Passport and Spirited Pursuit. Instagram has played an important role in her life over the past two years, bringing about new connections and friendships during annual visits to Guatemala, states across the US, and even her own backyard.

Episode 109: @littlecoal – Kicking off JJ Week with Josh Johnson and Eric Ward

This week, Josh Johnson of the JJ Community and I interview photographer and Sony Alpha Collective member Eric Ward. Eric is an elementary school teacher living in Northwest Ohio. Over the last year, Eric has been navigating opportunities which have presented themselves through Instagram as well as coaching. With all of these opportunities, Eric’s maintains focus is on his family and his faith which guides not only his Instagram feed, but also his life.

Episode 102: @bryanconley – A conversation on travel, hiking, and community with Bryan Conley

Bryan is a wanderer, backpacker and photographer based out of Des Moines, Iowa. He started using Instagram in 2014 as a place to find inspiration for future hiking trips, but along the way fell in love with the supportive community and the art of photography and storytelling. Since then he has used his feed as a place to tell his story while attempting to send out a positive message and inspire others in return.