Episode 094: @woosupreme – Shoot first, ask questions later with Edgar Woo

Edgar Woo (@woosupreme) is a Miami based freelance photographer, social media influencer and radio show host. Edgar is the creative director for (@MIAexplore) which is a community and culture that bridges photography and music together, using that to inspire Miami creatives by exploring different photographer styles within their city and worldwide. Along with the radio show the community also supports events and photowalks.

Episode 089: @danjoyce – Focusing on creating content and community versus being an influencer with Dan Joyce

Dan Joyce is a Houston-based lifestyle photographer, content manager and one of the earliest users of Instagram. Dan’s passion for community building has led him to organize numerous photowalks and InstaMeets across the state of Texas including a partnership with Texas Parks & Wildlife, helping coordinate the organization’s first InstaMeet as well as the first meet on board the retired Battleship Texas. Most recently, Dan has worked with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to launch a new series of “after-hours” events for local influencers. You can find Dan on Instagram @danjoyce.

Episode 072: @andrewgaro – Teaching history and exploring your state with Andrew Guglielmo

Andrew Guglielmo is a high school social studies teacher living in Central New Jersey. Over the last two years, Instagram has had a profound impact on his life, friendships, and interest in photography. Andrew loves to take road trips and hike with the friends he has made through Instagram, but his main goal is to share his experiences in order to inspire others to get out and explore. You can find Andrew on Instagram @andrewgaro.