Episode 101: @everydayastronaut – Living your dream with Tim Dodd

Tim Dodd is a professional photographer and spaceflight advocate from Cedar Falls, Iowa. He is best known as the “Everyday Astronaut”, which is an ongoing photo series of himself in an old Russian space suit. Everyday Astronaut’s mission is to “Bring space down to earth for everyday people. To communicate science through humor and imagination.” You can find Tim on Instagram @everydayastronaut and @timdoddphotography.

Episode 080: @michelle_crd – Using Instagram as a virtual diary with portrait photographer Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia is an award winning portrait photographer based out of eastern Michigan. Her work has been displayed in Times Square on the Kodak marquee and she is currently ranked one of the best photographers in her state through Professional Photographers of Michigan. She opened her Instagram account as a form of an escape to express herself anonymously, but today has made more connections with people she’s met from the app then in her everyday life.

Episode 079: @dodovo – Exploring creativity through Instagram as a Stay-at-Home Mom with Doris Vo

Doris Vo is a Stay-at-Home Mom and avid Instagrammer living in Orange County, California. Over the past four years, Instagram has opened up her world to a new found interest in photography. She loves to create fun colorful images and enjoys moderating for different hubs allowing her to highlight other photographers’ work. You can find Doris on Instagram @dodovo.

Episode 069: @moography – Creating a quirky imaginary world with Anshuman Ghosh

Anshuman Ghosh is an Indian illustrator currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. While working full time as a Business Development Manager for a power company, Anshuman started posting quirky paper illustrations on Instagram a year ago which soon became very popular with his work getting featured by @Instagram, @Mashable and @Huffington Post. Anshuman now has a highly engaged community of over 66,000 followers and posts new illustrations centred around his iPhone everyday. You can find Anshuman on Instagram @moography.