Daily 090: @themidge00 – Depth of field

Abby Erwin is a certified and licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant from Cincinnati. Over the last few years, IG has given her the opportunity to experiment with her photography skills while engaging with the Cincinnati photography community. She runs the local Cincinnati IG account- Igerscincinnati which features Cincinnati area Instagram users. She also hosts photo walks, or cinstameets where local IG users meet and snap pictures along the way of a designated route.

Daily 089: @kevincortopassi – Considering your subject

Kevin Cortopassi is an amateur photographer from Sacramento, California. Although he has lived in the area his whole life and been doing photography for almost 10 years, he fell into a new-found love with the Downtown and Midtown Sacramento area instantly after hanging out down there. Kevin loves to find “the found object” as Ansel Adams put it, the beautiful everyday sights that people walk past without noticing.

Daily 088: @mattmurawinski – Finding the small details

Matt is a production assistant at CNN who’s trying to fit photojournalist into his repertoire. He loves to see new places through the viewfinder of his camera and will never turn down an adventure. He’s always experimenting and always learning, both with photography and also with life.

Daily 085: @juluminate – Capturing the city at night

Pam Julian is a single parent who balances a rewarding career in sport management. A part-time photographer, she has found Instagram to be a fantastic medium for not just sharing her work, but for connecting her to so many people around the world. A moderator for two large Instagram feature accounts, she not finds daily inspiration through curating but also finds it incredibly rewarding to share the work of others on these accounts