Daily 084: @rusticlensphotography – Documenting the western US

Evan Jones is a restaurant owner with a passion for photography. His favorite subjects are old mining towns, homesteads, and landscapes of the Northwest United States. Basically anything old, rusty and crusty catches his eye. He loves to explore and he writes a blog about his adventures at www.rusticlens.com.

Daily 083: @ole.don – Documenting your locations

Donny Roys is a field rep at Brooks Sports for the state of Michigan and resides in Lansing, MI. Traveling throughout the state of Michigan allows Donny the opportunity to interact with locals that provide him with the best locations of the area. This allows him to run/hike explore the areas in detail with the goal of finding the perfect photography locations that have that certain “pop of color”, and using his camera he tries to replicate what he’s experienced first hand. Donny is very influenced by his wife and family, and uses them as inspiration when taking photos.

Daily 082: @_drdesigns – Flat lays and staging a scene

Doris Rudd is a Creative Director who resides in North Carolina. She is a veteran of yearly photography projects, two 365 and one 52 week. She’s been active on Instagram since 2012, the same day she activated her new iPhone. In 2015 she was honored to have two images featured at the Mobile Photography Now exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art. She still captures images on her iPhone, but most of her images now are from a Canon T3i. She loves most styles of photography and a great variety of style can be seen in her work.

Daily 081: @bora.vs.bora – Compositing and making a photograph

Bora is a Toronto based urban photographer and storyteller with over 15 years of experience in creative & design industries. Through storytelling and social influence, Bora has contributed to the global photography scene with pushing the envelope forward by producing evocative visuals that typically focus on the urban lifestyle and architecture using the backdrop of his hometown of Toronto as a constant. His work has been exhibited in various art galleries both in Toronto and New York, as well as promoted in major publications such as The Huffington Post and CBC, to name a few.

Daily 080: @geek1956 – Overlays and textures

Kevin is a Sydney Austrailia based photography late-comer. After ditching his Panasonic lumix for the iPhone 5 a few years ago, he instantly became an iPhone addict. Kevin has won multiple categories of the Mobile Photography Awards as well as the 2016 International iPhone Awards. The majority of his work is expressed through the Hipstamatic app, with black and white films being his favorite

Daily 079: @con_brad – Making minor adjustments to change perspective

Connor Brady is an amateur photographer from West Michigan who developed his love for photography from spending time outdoors. Whether it’s playing around with his GoPro in the mountains, climbing a tree to get that birds eye shot of the river, or shooting videos of his friends making campfire pizza trailside, Connor is happiest when he is making photos outside. Through Instagram, Connor has been inspired by the creativity of other photographers and explorers who keep him dreaming of his next adventure.