Episode 092: @the_sockateur – Finding your niche and the art of a sock game with Jordan Mixson

Jordan Mixson is a Jacksonville based professional violinist and menswear enthusiast. His Instagram feed focuses on his love of wearing statement socks while exploring the emerging cultural renaissance of his hometown in Jacksonville, Florida and neighboring cities. Jordan continues to promote wearing a signature sock game style, bringing awareness of the emerging local scene , and capturing unexpected Artistry wherever he goes. You can find Jordan on Instagram @thesockateur.

Episode 080: @michelle_crd – Using Instagram as a virtual diary with portrait photographer Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia is an award winning portrait photographer based out of eastern Michigan. Her work has been displayed in Times Square on the Kodak marquee and she is currently ranked one of the best photographers in her state through Professional Photographers of Michigan. She opened her Instagram account as a form of an escape to express herself anonymously, but today has made more connections with people she’s met from the app then in her everyday life.