Episode 098: @gettyphotography – Remaking your life with Bruce Getty

Bruce Getty is a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer and artist. His work is well known on Instagram and in the local community and his skills are sought after so he offers one to one training and workshops. Not only is he a great photographer, he is also known for making and repairing chandeliers and lamps with a focus on antique lighting. You can find Bruce on Instagram @gettyphotography.

Episode 091: @jude_allen – How to discover your own unique style with Jude Allen

Jude Allen is a photographer based out of San Fransisco, CA. Jude found a new life and passion in photography a few years ago and does it for the adventure and thrill of it all. His goals around it are to travel the world and live life to the fullest. Jude loves being creative and photography provides him the outlet to do so. Always learning new things and techniques is what keeps it fresh for him, and he is humbled to be thought of as an influencer to many aspiring photographers. You can find Jude on Instagram @judeallen.

Episode 080: @michelle_crd – Using Instagram as a virtual diary with portrait photographer Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia is an award winning portrait photographer based out of eastern Michigan. Her work has been displayed in Times Square on the Kodak marquee and she is currently ranked one of the best photographers in her state through Professional Photographers of Michigan. She opened her Instagram account as a form of an escape to express herself anonymously, but today has made more connections with people she’s met from the app then in her everyday life.

Episode 059: @katwesterman – Life as a full time photographer with Kat Westerman

Kat Westerman is a fine art and commercial photographer based out of Los Angeles. You usually will find her on a perpetual road trip or lurking on piers. Her work has been featured in several magazines, used as content for several brands as well as exhibited in several shows around the US. You can find Kat on Instagram @katwesterman.