Episode 113: @eric_scire – The truth about growing a following on Instagram with Eric Scire

Eric Scire is a freelance photographer from San diego. He has always had a passion for art and photography, and about 5 years ago he decided to chase that passion for a living. For Eric, photography is about having fun and finding yourself. The more you get out there you will find your style and what you like. Its about creating bodies of work that express you and how you feel.

Episode 109: @littlecoal – Kicking off JJ Week with Josh Johnson and Eric Ward

This week, Josh Johnson of the JJ Community and I interview photographer and Sony Alpha Collective member Eric Ward. Eric is an elementary school teacher living in Northwest Ohio. Over the last year, Eric has been navigating opportunities which have presented themselves through Instagram as well as coaching. With all of these opportunities, Eric’s maintains focus is on his family and his faith which guides not only his Instagram feed, but also his life.