Episode 123: @rachel_six12 | @mncommunity – Using the Instagram community for social good with Rachel Ewell

Rachel Ewell is a Minnesota based photographer and co-founder of @MNcommunity – an Instagram group focused on meeting new people and doing good within the community. In this conversation, Rachel and I discuss how she makes this group function and gives us some great insight into what we need to do in order to get started in this direction.

Episode 122: @andyto – Using storytelling to change the world with Andy To

Andy To is a Bay Area based photographer and videographer. Growing up in a rough neighborhood he’s paved his way through adversity after getting his hands onto a camera. He has dedicated his life to spreading positivity and story telling through film making. As of recently he landed the “worlds coolest job” out of 65,000 applicants with Beautiful Destinations. Never in his life did he imagine moving across the country.

Episode 119: @brandenharvey – Changing the world with Good News with Branden Harvey

Branden Harvey is a professional photographer and storyteller based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has become a leader in the world of online storytelling and uses his unique position to help brands, organizations, dreamers and doers tell their story better. Within the last year, Branden has created several outlets to spread good news to the world through his podcast, Sounds Good along with a Good Newsletter, and most recently – the Good Newspaper. You can find Branden on Instagram @brandenharvey.

Episode 101: @everydayastronaut – Living your dream with Tim Dodd

Tim Dodd is a professional photographer and spaceflight advocate from Cedar Falls, Iowa. He is best known as the “Everyday Astronaut”, which is an ongoing photo series of himself in an old Russian space suit. Everyday Astronaut’s mission is to “Bring space down to earth for everyday people. To communicate science through humor and imagination.” You can find Tim on Instagram @everydayastronaut and @timdoddphotography.