Episode 095: @lauralawsonvisconti – Using positivity to overcome challenges and controversy with Laura Lawson Visconti

Laura Lawson Visconti is a social media influencer and digital marketing expert. She is also an author, travel journalist and works as the Head of Marketing for Tahoe University, a startup in her home of Truckee, California. Together with her husband, former professional snowboarder Nick Visconti, Laura plans to open a coffee roastery early next year. She is also a personal trainer, and is a huge advocate for inspiring people to live more actively outdoors. She is slowly going blind due to a rare eye condition, and has found freedom through her outdoor adventures which she shares on her Instagram account to over 140,000 followers. You can find Laura on Instagram @lauralawsonvisconti.

Episode 093: @artchang – Making photography more accessible with Priime CEO, Arthur Chang

Art Chang is the CEO of Priime and is based out of San Francisco, CA. Outside of engineering and startups, he is also a commercial photographer. His previous startup success and passion for photography lead him into co-founding Priime in 2014 (a Y Combinator backed company), to make beautiful photography more accessible to everyone. You can find Art on Instagram @artchang. Avatar photo credit: Pei Ketron.

New Community: An Instagram Story

You all may remember the conversations I had with my friends @littlecoal, @thecraighensel, and @neighborhoodfilm and how during those conversations, we talked about a road trip. On Monday morning, a snippet of what took place during that road trip was published; and it is called “New Community – An Instagram Story”. This 10 minute film documents an 8 day road trip across the country, and demonstrates the power of the Instagram community: