Episode 071: @lillylalaloulou – Pursuing photography while living abroad with Lilly Husbands

Lilly Husbands is a UK-based landscape, outdoor lifestyle and travel photographer. Raised running loose on a ranch in Texas, her lifelong fascination with the grace and beauty of the natural world informs her photographic and written work. Lilly is also a writer and an associate lecturer in Film Studies, and in her off hours she devises plans to escape the city and get back out in the wilderness. You can find Lilly on Instagram @lillylalaloulou.

Episode 056: @missholldoll – Understanding authenticity on Instagram with Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson (@missholldoll) is a Seattle based outdoor enthusiast, social media influencer, photographer and blogger, in addition to working as an Executive Assistant for an advertising agency. Her love of hiking and interest in landscape and lifestyle photography drove her to join the world of Instagram and to eventually start her website/blog www.mymountaintherapy.com. You can find Holly on Instagram @missholldoll.