Episode 071: @lillylalaloulou – Pursuing photography while living abroad with Lilly Husbands

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Lilly Husbands is a UK-based landscape, outdoor lifestyle and travel photographer. Raised running loose on a ranch in Texas, her lifelong fascination with the grace and beauty of the natural world informs her photographic and written work. Lilly is also a writer and an associate lecturer in Film Studies, and in her off hours she devises plans to escape the city and get back out in the wilderness. You can find Lilly on Instagram @lillylalaloulou.

Episode 065: @rorytucker – Creating personal photography projects with Rory Tucker

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Rory Tucker is a father, photographer and Interactive Director at an Agency and lives between Vancouver and Whistler, BC Canada. He is enthusiastic about creating images and is 1700+ days into a Photo a Day practice. Rory is actively sharing his passion for mobile photography by hosting workshops and talks. You can find Rory on Instagram @rorytucker.

Episode 064: @thesamgraves – Setting goals to achieve your dreams with Sam Graves

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Sam Graves is a travel, adventure and lifestyle photographer based out of San Fransisco. Sam’s photography career began when he first started his Instagram account two years ago as a New Years resolution to make beautiful photos. You can find Sam on Instagram @thesamgraves.

Episode 056: @missholldoll – Understanding authenticity on Instagram with Holly Johnson

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Holly Johnson (@missholldoll) is a Seattle based outdoor enthusiast, social media influencer, photographer and blogger, in addition to working as an Executive Assistant for an advertising agency. Her love of hiking and interest in landscape and lifestyle photography drove her to join the world of Instagram and to eventually start her website/blog www.mymountaintherapy.com. You can find Holly on Instagram @missholldoll.

Episode 053: @ianandrewnelson – Why we yearn for authenticity with Ian Nelson

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Ian Nelson (@ianandrewnelson) is a creative arts director and photographer based in Portland, OR. His passions are travel, nature, social justice, and people. Ian’s work has been featured by the likes of Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, REI, and Disney. You can find Ian on Instagram @ianandrewnelseon.

Episode 052: @mikeseehagel – Exploring the Great North with Mike Seehagel

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Mike Seehagel is a photographer and motion designer living in Alberta, Canada. Mike works to travel, and sometimes finds himself lucky enough to travel for work. Mike is also the co-founder of Great North Collective; a group of photographers inspired by the outdoors, and the Canadian landscape. You can find Mike on Instagram @mikeseehagel.