Episode 092: @the_sockateur – Finding your niche and the art of a sock game with Jordan Mixson

Jordan Mixson is a Jacksonville based professional violinist and menswear enthusiast. His Instagram feed focuses on his love of wearing statement socks while exploring the emerging cultural renaissance of his hometown in Jacksonville, Florida and neighboring cities. Jordan continues to promote wearing a signature sock game style, bringing awareness of the emerging local scene , and capturing unexpected Artistry wherever he goes. You can find Jordan on Instagram @thesockateur.

BONUS EPISODE: Instagram STORIES video tutorial

Today Instagram launched its brand new Stories feature which allows you to create a temporary 24-hour story line of photos or videos (think Snapchat… but Instagram). In this tutorial, I walk through everything you need to know about the feature (that I can find) and how to use it.

Episode 073: @postaljeff – Having many hobbies and the life of a postal worker with Jeff Kelley

Jeff Kelley is a indeed a postal worker and not just some strange person that decided to put the word ‘postal’ in front of his name. A life long New Englander, he’s been a letter carrier in Massachusetts for the last 17 years. He shoots primarily with his iPhone, but has recently begun dabbling in film, learning everything as he goes. He is the lead editor for Grryo (gree-oh), writes occasionally for the Huffington Post, and runs his local Western Mass Instagram group, @igers413. You can find Jeff on Instagram @postaljeff.