Episode 117: @bora.vs.bora – Typecasting and giving your work an art direction with Bora

Bora is a Toronto based urban photographer and storyteller with over 15 years of experience in creative & design industries. Through storytelling and social influence, Bora has contributed to the global photography scene with pushing the envelope forward by producing evocative visuals that typically focus on the urban lifestyle and architecture using the backdrop of his hometown of Toronto as a constant. His work has been exhibited in various art galleries both in Toronto and New York, as well as promoted in major publications such as The Huffington Post and CBC, to name a few.

Episode 103: @maddiemcgarvey – The life of a photojournalist with Maddie McGarvey

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Maddie McGarvey is a photographer currently based in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in photojournalism and a specialization in sociology. She love bad jokes, exploring the outdoors and taking photographs. In 2014, Maddie was named an Emerging Talent for Getty Reportage and in 2015 was named one of Magnum’s 30 Photographers Under 30. You can find Maddie on Instagram @maddiemcgarvey.

Episode 087: @tobishinobi – How to use your life experiences to create strong images with Tobi Shinobi

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Tobi Shonibare is a former lawyer turned freelance photographer and social media influencer based in London. With a focus on perspectives and symmetry, finding beauty in the often gritty London streets and an appreciation for the capital’s stunning architecture, he has developed his own unique and recognisable style of street photography. This brought him to the attention of Sony who has made him an official Sony Global Imaging Ambassador. You can find Tobi on Instagram @tobishinobi.

Episode 073: @postaljeff – Having many hobbies and the life of a postal worker with Jeff Kelley

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Jeff Kelley is a indeed a postal worker and not just some strange person that decided to put the word ‘postal’ in front of his name. A life long New Englander, he’s been a letter carrier in Massachusetts for the last 17 years. He shoots primarily with his iPhone, but has recently begun dabbling in film, learning everything as he goes. He is the lead editor for Grryo (gree-oh), writes occasionally for the Huffington Post, and runs his local Western Mass Instagram group, @igers413. You can find Jeff on Instagram @postaljeff.

Episode 068: @eric_le_reveur – The how and why of the stride by with Eric Brammer

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Eric Brammer is a multi-media artist & photographer based in New York City. He is co-creator of the popular hashtag, #strideby, & co-curator of @strideby_shooters, which features the best strideby’s from around the world. You can find Eric on Instagram @eric_le_reveur.

Episode 067: @jillshomer – Magazines, Models, and Striding By with Jill Shomer

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Jill Shomer is a New York-based magazine editor, avid photographer and Instagrammer. She is the co-creator (with @eric_le_reveur) of the popular hashtag #strideby, has had work featured both in print and in the Columbus Museum of Art, and is putting together her first gallery show this summer.