Episode 047: @shortstache – Being persistent with your photography with Garrett King

Garrett King is a Colorado based photographer, designer, and adventurer who is always looking for the next spot to explore and embracing everyone he meets along the way. Garrett aims to travel and learn as much as he can from everyone because to him anyone can be an inspiration and we can all learn from each other. You can find Garrett on Instagram @shortstache.

Episode 040: @taylortippett – Words from the window seat with Taylor Tippett

Taylor Tippett is a 22 year old Flight attendant for American Airlines. One of Taylor’s mantras is that she lives life with more knots in her hair and stories in her heart. For Taylor, people are important and kindness matters – that’s why she does what she does. You can find Taylor on Instagram @taylortippett.

Episode 018: @littlecoal – Making the most with what you have with Eric Ward

Eric Ward is an elementary school teacher living in Northwest Ohio. Over the last year, Eric has been navigating opportunities which have presented themselves through Instagram as well as coaching. With all of these opportunities, Eric’s maintains focus is on his family and his faith which guides not only his Instagram feed, but also his life…