Episode 112: @el_fotomat – Photography, community and travel hacking with Emily Hinchcliff

Emily Hinchcliff is a Philadelphia based photographer with a fine art background and a penchant for all things travel. Emily spent a year solo-adventuring throughout Southeast Asia, India, and Nepal, and has had photo essays featured by Passion Passport and Spirited Pursuit. Instagram has played an important role in her life over the past two years, bringing about new connections and friendships during annual visits to Guatemala, states across the US, and even her own backyard.

Episode 103: @maddiemcgarvey – The life of a photojournalist with Maddie McGarvey

Maddie McGarvey is a photographer currently based in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Ohio University with a degree in photojournalism and a specialization in sociology. She love bad jokes, exploring the outdoors and taking photographs. In 2014, Maddie was named an Emerging Talent for Getty Reportage and in 2015 was named one of Magnum’s 30 Photographers Under 30. You can find Maddie on Instagram @maddiemcgarvey.

Episode 090: @karlzoltan – Using Instagram as an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest with Karl Dyer

Karl Dyer (@karlzoltan) is an an Adventure/ Nature Photographer out of Northern California who has used Instagram to share his passion for photography. Instagram has been a motivator for him to get out there and enjoy each day to the fullest and a platform to make money to do so. He is fortunate to be able to share his passion with his soul mate, of 22 years, Kathy (@ Kathryn_dyer).

Episode 083: @twheat – From CNN to Instagram to Tinker Street with Tyson Wheatley

Tyson Wheatley is a strategist, director and photographer with a decade of experience working in social media and journalism. Tyson spent 11 years at CNN, where he helped launched CNN iReport, CNN’s participatory journalism project. Tyson also led CNN.com’s Asia/Pacific team based in Hong Kong. After CNN, he spent a year working as Communications Manager at Instagram, based in San Francisco. You can find Tyson in Instagram @twheat.