Episode 113: @eric_scire – The truth about growing a following on Instagram with Eric Scire

Eric Scire is a freelance photographer from San diego. He has always had a passion for art and photography, and about 5 years ago he decided to chase that passion for a living. For Eric, photography is about having fun and finding yourself. The more you get out there you will find your style and what you like. Its about creating bodies of work that express you and how you feel.

Episode 105: @johnhillphotos – How to create content for brands with John Hill

John Hill is a Michigan-based photographer that spends his days at the advertising agency Leo Burnett, managing a social media team of 3 Community Managers. In his free time, he travels across Michigan and the country to capture unique landscapes. John was named a top Instagrammer by Pure Michigan and is also an Ambassador for M22, a lifestyle brand named after the scenic drive in northern Michigan that inspires a connection to the outdoors through discovery.

Episode 090: @karlzoltan – Using Instagram as an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest with Karl Dyer

Karl Dyer (@karlzoltan) is an an Adventure/ Nature Photographer out of Northern California who has used Instagram to share his passion for photography. Instagram has been a motivator for him to get out there and enjoy each day to the fullest and a platform to make money to do so. He is fortunate to be able to share his passion with his soul mate, of 22 years, Kathy (@ Kathryn_dyer).