Episode 081: @mopage19 – Organically growing your following to over 30k people with Maury Page

Maury Page is a Michigan based photographer, social media consultant, and developer in the healthcare industry. He’s passionate about helping brands reach their full potential on Instagram and working with them on product photography. Most recently he’s partnered with TOMS Shoes, Banana Republic, and Starbucks. You can find Maury on Instagram @mopage19.

Episode 049: @laurenepbath – The science of Instagram marketing with Lauren Bath

Lauren Bath is an Australian based travel photographer thanks to her success on Instagram. After quitting her job three years ago to become Australia’s “First professional Instagrammer” she has taken part in a staggering 120 social media travel campaigns. With a true passion for tourism work, a variety of photographic styles and an engaged Instagram audience, Lauren is looking forward to another incredible year. You can find Lauren on Instagram @laurenepbath.

Episode 029: @macroe – Discovering and developing your style and presence with Hans Kritzler

Hans Kritzler is a Mexico City, Mexico Instagrammer specializing in clean, minimalistic images using just an iPhone. A porcelain factory manager by day, Hans has a full time Instagram hobby with a following of nearly 600,000 people. Hans recently founded a social media agency called elsindicato.mx, specializing in Instagram campaigns in Latin America. You can find Hans on Instagram @macroe.

Episode 013: @taylormichaelburk – Launching your photography career through Instagram with Taylor Burk

Taylor Burk is a adventure/travel photographer based in Alberta, Canada. He has been exploring the world for years and in 2012 when he downloaded Instagram, he picked up photography as an outlet to share his experiences. Ever since then he has been able to share his passions and inspire others to get outdoors. You can find Taylor on Instagram @taylormichaelburk.