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Episode 100! Wow.
This episode is broken up into 3 – 40 minute parts. We talk about everything from community, engagement, growth, photography, and of course – Instagram! These three parts are the audio recordings of a virtual Instameet featuring past guests of the show. You can view the full – unedited video below, or HERE.


@adamdecker – Wine country photographer – Featured on Episode 085
@thecraighensel – Chicago based commercial photographer – Featured on Episode 017
@laurenepbath – Gold Coast, Australia – Marketing extraordinaire – Featured on Episode 049
@hobbes2485 – Northwest Ohio based iPhone photographer – Featured on Episode 031
@lenonjames – “Non-Partisan” Government employee and photographer in Michigan – Featured on Episode 078
@katwesterman – Full time photographer and Mom! – Featured on Episode 059
@d.leong – San Fransisco based photographer and city planner – Featured on Episode 097
@karlzoltan – Northern California based police Sgt, photographer and Slik tripod ambassador – Featured on Episode 090
@the_gris – Indianapolis based graphic designer, photographer, writer for Fstoppers.com – Featured on Episode 058
@tobishinobi – London based photographer and Sony Ambassador – Featured on Episode 087

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