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Pei Ketron is a photographer, educator, and traveler based in San Francisco.  She is an accomplished mobile photographer with nearly a million followers on Instagram. Pei specializes in commercial, travel, and humanitarian work worldwide. You can find Pei on Instagram @pketron.WHAT YOU’LL HEAR

  • Discovering photography while studying abroad
  • The psychology behind how to approach photography
  • Making your feed genuine and interesting
  • Becoming a full time travel photographer
  • What she looks for in photography and who she follows


PHOTO CHALLENGE – “Uniquely Mine”
Make a photo that only YOU can make.  Interpret this how you like, but take into consideration some of the suggestions Pei had on this episode.
Also, be sure to hashtag your entry #hashtaggedpodcast_009.  We will pick our favorite entry and the winner will be featured on our website and Instagram feed – as well as an up and coming episode. ALSO – our friends at Inkdot are giving away a FREE print to the winner of this challenge!

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