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Grace Hurtienne (Her-Tea-Knee) is an international wedding photographer and cinematographer based in the Pacific Northwest. She co-owns Grace and Jaden Photography and OMG! Werksherp with her husband. Grace has seen her work published all around the world, but doesn’t get caught up following industry trends, and never takes herself too seriously. You can find Grace on Instagram @spacewolfgrace.

0:00 – 1:00 Intro
1:00 – 10:30 Back story
10:30 – 13:00 Growing a photo business
13:00 – 30:15 Using Instagram
30:15 – 31:55 Suggested Users

– Grace started her career as a nurse, the snowball effect led her into professional photography.
– She couldn’t work while in nursing school, so she starting selling thrift store items on Ebay.
– She started to learn photography to increase her sales…..and it morphed into a photo business!
– Moved to new city, and took the leap into her photo business.
– Hard work and hustle grew her business.
– She now offers photo workshops, an E-cource for Instagram.
– (She explains how to curate feed, attract desired followers, creating community, and using IG as a tool for business.)
– Grace used IG to connect with people when she moved.
– 90% of Grace’s clients come directly from IG.
– She uses as many hashtags as allowed to target specific clients.
– Grace keeps her captions true to her personality.
– Her goal is to post once a day during the times when people are active.
– Her IG workflow is to shoot with a DSLR, edit on her computer, send to dropbox to post.


Picwant – A mobile photography agency that gives anyone in the world the opportunity to sell images to clients. You can find them online at picwant.com or on Instagram @picwantapp.

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