This podcast is a self-funded and listener supported labor of love. If you have a company or service and are interested in getting the word out to thousands of photographers across the world, consider sponsoring or partnering with this show for LESS than the cost of traditional advertising.

• Nearly 150,000 downloads in 150 countries to date
• Guaranteed 3000 monthly downloads for daily episodes and 6000 monthly downloads for main episodes
• More insight available upon request


Sponsors of this show include any company that wishes to spread the word about a valuable product or service offered to professional and amateur photographers in exchange for a pre-paid fee.

Daily Sponsorship: Starting at $10 per episode
15-30 Second spot to be played at the beginning and/or end of each Hashtagged Daily episode. Minimum 15 episodes.

Standard Sponsorship: Starting at $50 per episode
Provide copy or a sample of your product and we will create an ad to be embedded into episodes for your product or service.

Premium Sponsorship: Starting at $100 per episode 
A customized ad experience for your campaign. Options includes customer testimonials, video, reviews, product placement, etc.

Previous Sponsors:

Picwant – A mobile photography agency that gives anyone in the world the opportunity to sell images to clients.


A partnership would include any company who isn’t in a position to support the show finiancially, but is willing to participate in trade, giveaways or other creative considerations to support the community.

Partner opportunities include:
• Product/service giveaways
• Affiliate marketing
• Contests
• Trade
• Travel
• Other

All offers are being considered. Please contact for details.

Previous Partners
Inkdot – Full service printing company based out of Chicago, IL.
Eagles Nest Outfitters – Creators of the industry leading ENO Hammock.