I absolutely love making this show. It is a labor of love, but it is a lot of work to produce these. I have put hundreds of hours into this show over the last year bringing over 100 episodes of the original podcast and now a brand new show being produced to get even more people noticed and to help educate people on photography. I currently do not have any sponsors to help support the show and as you may have guessed, there is a cost involved. Not only my time (roughly 6-10 hours plus per week), but actual monthly expenses – not to mention the equipment I use and purchased to bring this podcast to our community.

It is never comfortable asking people for money – but I truly believe in what I am doing here and am also a firm believer in giving back as well as supporting endeavors such as these if there is value gained from the experience.

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: If you have enjoyed or gained any sort of value from this podcast, would you buy me a cup of coffee if we were to meet face to face? If the answer is yes – I hate to break it to you but we may never meet in person, lol. Instead take that coffee money and support the show! I am not asking for more than $1 (which is a fraction of a cup of coffee, by the way), but if you are in a position to contribute more I welcome it.

With your support, it will make it much easier for me to sustain and grow the listenership and community, and hopefully allow me to bring on others to join the team in the future.