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Marijuana: Why You Should Care

Marijuana is a plant that has much controversy and fears surrounding it. Despite its hundreds of benefits for people with various illnesses, and for recreational users, most people refuse to see the truth behind this natural plant. Our educational system has been lying to us on various topics for decades, and the lessons we learned have been effectively reinforced in our corporate manipulated society. Lies such as “marijuana is more addictive and destructive than heroin” painted us a colorful picture of why people should spend years in prison for possession of this deadly drug.

The attitudes created by American drug policies have resulted in worldwide arrest, imprisonment, and in some instances, death of responsible men and women. But despite the truth and horror behind the above statement, that is only part of the reason people should care about the current policies behind marijuana from credible sources like Fab CBD. The other is because the laws against marijuana are responsible for our relentless destruction of the earth and its life-sustaining ecosystems.

Marijuana did not become illegal because of the euphoric effects it induces. That is merely a convenient excuse to conceal the truth. Marijuana became illegal in order to stop the rising potential and progress of the hemp plant, marijuanaīs close relative. The hemp plant was a major agricultural crop before 1937. Farmers across the country grew hemp for its superior fibers, which were used in the manufacturing of clothes, paper, blankets, ropes, diapers, and other necessities of life.

The seeds the hemp plant produced were used for items such as paint, varnishes, lubricating oil, lantern oil, and biomass fuels. However, food was its biggest asset. No other plant rivals hemp when it comes to nutritional value. The seeds contain the proteins and essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin, hair, and eyes; for growth, vitality, and state of mind; and for clearing the arteries of cholesterol and plaque. In the past, hemp seed was the primary food source for humans, birds, horses, and fish.

During this time, the line between marijuana and hemp was clear and distinguishable. Hemp was so dominant in every community that farmers, politicians, and citizens were very aware of the differences between the two. Marijuana was grown for one purpose: to produce female flowers that would then be consumed in some fashion. It was used by a majority of the community, including all social statusī, for various reasons. Most people used it to relax or to relieve symptoms of mild depression.

Others used it as a social tool, offering it to new and old friends to ease tensions and stimulate conversation. Still, others used it to cure or relieve medical ills such as glaucoma, menstrual cramps, migraines, epilepsy, pruritus, and chronic pain. Hemp, on the other hand, provided none of these benefits because it lacks the vast amounts of THC that marijuana contains.

Before 1937, marijuana and hemp were both legal plants in the United States. It was in this year that our government passed the Marijuana Tax Act, making hemp too expensive for farmers to even consider keeping it in their rotation. Without a steady hemp crop, the promising hemp industry was destroyed. Why would the government impose a tax that burdens farmers and robs the world of an environmentally friendly source of fuel, fiber, and food? That is a simple question.

Marijuana and hemp were discriminated against for corporate profit. Hemp seed could be used to make any product that currently requires oil. Until Prohibition of 1919, most farmers saved money by converting part of their corn crop into biomass fuels, which they used to run their farm equipment and personal vehicles.

After Prohibition was passed, the government began destroying the farmerīs distilleries, forcing them to convert to gasoline. In 1936, hemp farmers in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota were using hemp to manufacture plastics based on cellulose technology. This plastic required no crude oil and was biodegradable. The fibers of the hemp plant are stronger than fibers from trees, are better insulators than fibers from cotton, and last about ten times longer than both tree fiber and cotton fiber. Hemp also requires about 90% less of the fertilizers and chemical pesticides that cotton requires.

On the other hand, marijuana is a safe and natural alternative to the conventional poisons that make up our medicines. Marijuana has none of the side effects that todayīs medicines have, nor any of the chemicals that cause side effects. For example, multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disorder in which patches of myelin in the brain and spinal cord are destroyed and the normal function of the nerve fibers is interrupted. Currently, corticosteroids and prednisone are used for the relief of acute symptoms but result in weight gain and mental disturbance. Diazepam, baclofen, and dantrolene are used to treat muscle spasms associated with MS. The first two drugs create side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, confusion, and addiction.

Dantrolene causes side effects such as potential lethal liver damage, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, speech and visual disturbances, seizures, headaches, impotence, erratic blood pressure, clinical depression, myalgia, feelings of suffocation, and confusion. Marijuana is a proven effective drug for relief and suppression of MS. Marijuana effectively relieves muscle spasms, tremors, loss of muscle coordination and bladder control, and insomnia. It has also been proven to retard the progress of the disease.

Living life with a disease such as MS, or other diseases such as AIDS, cancer, clinical depression, glaucoma, and epilepsy, is hard enough. But when you are forced to treat it with medicines that make you sicker than you already are, and with little effectiveness, it makes the situation for those people even worse. Marijuana has been proven in thousands of studies to be more effective and safer than almost all prescription drugs.

It is very obvious who would benefit from the eradication of the hemp and marijuana plant. Pharmaceutical companies, who are currently reaping huge profits in the United States, are benefiting. Oil-based plastics that produce toxic waste when manufactured and never biodegrade would have never existed. DuPont, of course, introduced the patent for making plastic from oil and coal in 1937.

The paper industry would not have evolved into one of the worlds leading polluters if the paper was made from hemp. Tree pulp requires the use of sulfur compounds to wash away the lignin in tree fibers, and chlorine compounds are required to bleach the fibers. This results in the release of major carcinogens such as dioxin into the worldīs water supply.

And guess who owns the patent for the sulfate/sulfite process for making paper from tree pulp, which was released in 1937? DuPont! Weīve already talked about hempīs superior fibers for textile products. DuPont introduced nylon to the market after they patented it in 1938. Chemical companies such as Dow and DuPont, who produce pesticides and fertilizers, benefited greatly. Hemp would completely replace the cotton industry, which uses 50% of the worldīs agricultural chemicals, one of DuPont’s biggest markets.

Oil companies also profited from the fall of the hemp industry. Families such as the Rockefellers of Standard Oil and the Rothschilds of Shell acquired massive fortunes, at a devastating price. Our current use of fossil fuels produces 80% of the solid and airborne pollutants that are poisoning the land, air, and water. Arsenic, benzene, vinyl chloride, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfuric and nitric acids are only a few of the man-made byproducts we eat, drink, and breathe every day.

The excess release of carbon dioxide and methane gas into the atmosphere has created global warming, which is no longer a theory but a fact that is already causing dramatic changes on a global scale. Increased water temperatures have already killed over half of the worldīs thousand-year-old coral reefs. The food chain is suffering from major disruptions. The krill population in Antarctica has decreased from the loss of its habitat. The krill is a shrimp-like species that reproduces on the underside of winter sea ice and is a major food source for penguins, seals, and whales. These species will be wiped out if the krill population continues to decline, which it undoubtedly will.

If the corporations of America, their political partners, the Bureau of Narcotics (DEA), the entire judicial branch, and other self-interested parties had not conspired together to deceive the American public for personal profit at the ecological expense, we would not be heading down the road we are currently on. How do we rid ourselves of the polluted world we willingly created for our children? We cannot. What we can do is immediately stop our use of coal and oil, and demand industry and society to give us renewable energy sources, in an effort to relieve the upcoming ecological crisis.

Currently, 82% of the worldīs economy is directly tied to oil for energy and related goods. For a successful revolution, a majority of the American public would have to stop consuming energy in the form of non-renewable resources. That would require a radical social change that allows people to become aware of the natural world around them and itīs corresponding destruction that is a result of their behavior. If oil companies suffered a drop in revenue because Americans stopped driving their cars, they would be forced to respond to our demands of solar-electric powered automobiles, a technology that has been around since the 1950īs. Instead, society acts unaware and unconcerned about the problem, blaming it on government and corporate forces that they believe they canīt control. And when the time comes they will expect corporations to fix the problem with better technology that further separates us from nature. It appears to be our ultimate fate.

The question that is hard to answer is how do we stop the corporate powers that created the oil dependant society that is destroying us today? Letīs assume that we woke up tomorrow and corporate America had been erased. The air would already be noticeably cleaner, the waters would be flowing clearer, and the land would start to rejuvenate. Climate change would still be occurring, but not as fast as now, and maybe a reversal would be on the horizon. All life forms would have equal rights to life now that we are free of an economy that was dependent on the mass consumption of non-renewable resources. But we would also wake up to mass unemployment. Most of the worldīs population would not know how to provide for themselves. Famine and disease would wipe out billions of people.

What answers are left? The government has the ability to create an energy system based on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen fuel cell, ocean thermal conversion, tidal, and biomass energy. These renewable energy systems would instantly create jobs in the millions. Every aspect would be new, requiring jobs in the production, management, sales, installation, maintenance, and repair of renewable energy equipment. That is the only answer if we wish to continue life as we are used to it. The other option is to reorganize society into small communities that provide the necessities of life for themselves. In that situation, waste would be unheard of. Nobody in their right mind would throw the trash into the stream they depend on for food and water. But then people will be required to work hard on a daily basis, and in America, that is unheard of.

We urge the people who agree with this paper, who are inspired by this paper, or who just love the natural world around them, to join us in our fight to make America the leader of ecologically responsible living, thus setting the stage for the rest of the world to follow. It is not impossible. All change is made by a select group of interested individuals who stand up to the powers of society and demand equality. We will be demanding equality for people of the world and the environment we depend on for survival.

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A Music Sight Reading Primer

Sight-reading is an important skill for any musician. The better you can sight-read, the less time you need to spend rehearsing. There are also more opportunities for musicians who are better at sight-reading, such as recording sessions, dinner music, and accompanying singers. Sight-reading skills come with time and experience, but there are also ways to practice sight-reading so that you can become better at it.

To get started on improving your sight reading skills, you will need to get as many different pieces of unfamiliar music as you can, and gudang lagu can help you in that. It doesn’t matter if the music is new or old, just try to get as many different styles and keys as you can find. Garage sales and used book stores are great places to find inexpensive sheet music. You can also find free downloads online if you take the time to Google and print.

Pick a piece of music to begin sight reading – just choose whatever interests you at the moment. It can be short, long, fast, slow – it does not matter. Look over the piece and think about it. Ask yourself the following questions: What style should the piece be played in? Is it jazz, classical, gospel, etc.? What did the composer attend to accomplish in this piece? If there are any notes written by the composer, make sure you read them, too. Then look at the key signature and time signature. Look through the entire piece, making a mental note of any key or time signature changes, any accidentals, repeats, codas, and phrasing. See if there is anything else of musical importance.

Now you are ready to play! The key to practicing sight-reading is to go slow! Take your time and do not rush or try to play the piece up to speed. Play the piece at a slow enough tempo that you can play it perfectly and in tempo with a steady beat, while reading slightly ahead as you play. Reading ahead is a very important part of sight-reading. It may feel awkward at first, but you will get used to it. In the beginning, you will probably be playing painfully slow. That is expected and just fine! As you continue to practice your sight reading, you will begin to be able to sight-read faster and faster. Eventually, you will be able to sight-read at tempo.

You will get the best results from your music sight-reading practice if you try playing several pieces of music every day. Remember to play a variety of music, read ahead as you play and most of all, go slow!

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How an Accountant was Surprised by Self-employment Tax

As an accounting student, I learned about self-employment tax in my individual tax class in school. I knew, when I graduated, that if you do not have an employer paying their portion of your social security and Medicare taxes, you will have to pay the other half of it yourself. That means that your social security and Medicare taxes could be double what you’re used to! In addition, since your employer doesn’t withhold tax for you, you will not be paying tax all through the year like you would as a full-time employee.

I knew all of this, and yet I still underestimated the tax burden I would have to carry when I decided to take a summer job as a “contractor,” meaning that they paid me hourly, but did not pay any taxes or benefits for me. This results in a similar tax effect as being self-employed.

From January through May, I was still a student, and worked for my university with regular W-2 wages, with my federal income tax withheld. I worked as a contractor from June to September, and then worked as a full-time employee at an accounting firm from October to December.

Essentially, for 8 months of the year, I worked as a regular employee, with my federal taxes withheld. For 4 months of the year, I did not have any taxes withheld from my paycheck, and I was responsible for both the employee and employer portion of my social security and Medicare tax. I was used in utilizing cloud accounting consulting so it is easier for me to do accounting. My regular work before equipped me to become an experienced accountant. But little did I know, there are still a lot of things that I am not aware.

When it came time to do my taxes, I figured that normally, withholdings are quite a bit higher than your actual taxes. In the past, I had always received tax refunds of over $1,000. I figured that that over-withholding from the rest of the year could cover the part of the year where I was considered “self-employed.” It didn’t!

When I entered all of my information into my tax return, including my self-employed income, I calculated that I would get a refund of a few hundred dollars. Once I marked in the tax software that part of the income was “self-employed” income, I suddenly owed $800 in taxes!

My experience with self-employment tax proves how important it can be to attempt to estimate your self-employment tax throughout the year, if you know you will need to pay it. I made the mistake of roughly guessing that my extra withholdings from my other jobs would cover the tax costs of those four months – and boy was I wrong! Luckily, I could afford to pay the $800 bill at the time, however, I don’t earn so much that $800 is an easy amount to come up with.

If you run your own small business, or if you are self-employed for even part of the year, take the time, ask an accounting friend, to estimate the tax you will owe. At the very least, you can set aside some savings and not have any cash flow problems resulting from payment of your taxes. At best, you can make estimated payments throughout the tax year to avoid paying any penalties at the end of the year if you have too much tax due!

Healthy Cooking For Weight Loss

Cooking and eating healthy for weight loss is easier and less time consuming than one might think. In general, recipes that are low in calories and still delicious require minimum time and effort, not to mention that you can prepare them in bulk, and pack some up to take to the office for lunchtime (which saves money, too!).

Think of it like this… fewer calories are achieved by fewer ingredients, so the prep time and cooking time is bound to be shorter than any other regular meal. So, for those of you that use your “lack of time” as an excuse to not get rid of those extra holiday pounds, these recipe tips are for you!

Starting off, I’ll give you a list of my favorite ingredients for low calorie recipes. Let’s begin with the vegetables: broccoli, spinach, arugula, tomatoes, onion, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms (any you like best!), celery, squash, potato, green beans, and corn. To this list, of course, you can add any of your favorite veggie staples. All are super low calorie, boost your metabolism (promoting weight loss), hydrate and help remove toxins from your body.

Then for proteins, I tend to stick to chicken breast and eggs (whites with the occasional yolk), but like to add in some lean cuts of red meat every once in a while, like tenderloin. I also buy cooked ham, which is generally low calorie (watch the brand) to add to my eggs in the morning and make it a very filling breakfast! Another good option is nuts, like walnuts or almonds. For further information about healthy food, the resurge reviews can be checked through the customers. The level of nutrition and minerals should be high in the pills to avoid weakness and problems. The breakfast of the people should be healthy to offer the desired results.

Now for the herbs and other low calorie, weight loss boosting, flavor adding ingredients, I always go with cilantro, garlic (and lots of it, its “natures antibiotic” and very good for you), chives, salt, fresh black pepper, lemon, and crushed red pepper. Cayenne is also a good option, but only if you like spicy food.

Now, the following information is very important. The one and only cooking oil I use is extra virgin olive oil (healthy healthy healthy!), and no more than a tablespoon per dish (not so low calorie!). Usually I find that people use too much oil to prevent things from burning or sticking to the pan, or to not have things dry out while cooking, but my secret ingredient to keep the dish as low calorie and healthy as possible is… WATER! Just add water when you would usually just dump more oil in there, and voila! You’ll save yourself about 400 calories per dish, and no, you will not lose any of the flavors. If anything, the food will be even tastier, because it has been cooked in its natural juices, brought out by the evaporating water versus just being smothered by the abundance of oil in the pan.

Another good thing to add to your regime would be fruits, which help keep you hydrated (very important key point to weight loss!) and make great desserts. My favorites are strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, green apple, pear, banana, grapefruit, Clementine orange (or pretty much any citrus), and melon (again, any!).

With all these ingredients, you can use your imagination to make a vast array of healthy and low calorie dishes that would satisfy anyone’s palate, all achieved in less than 20 minutes. Here are some suggestions:

For breakfast:

3 eggs (2 whites only, 1 whole), ham, tangerine = 161 calories (

Scramble with a bit of salt, pepper, and 1 slice of ham, either cut up into pieces tossed into the scramble, or on the side. Tangerine or mandarin orange for dessert (I find that after the protein, the citrus cleanses my palate, even gives me a little mood boost and helps keep me satisfied until lunchtime).

For lunch:

chicken breast sautéed with chopped garlic and side of broccoli = 225 calories.

I first chop the garlic, and rub it onto the chicken with a teaspoon of oil, salt, pepper, then throw it onto the skillet high heat for 6 minutes each side, or until cooked, adding water whenever it starts to brown or dry out too much (a little browning is good for flavor, so add water when it’s on the verge of burning only!) for the chicken to absorb it along with all the flavor!… for the veggies, boil the broccoli for 4 minutes, then sauté it for a minute or two along with some salt, pepper, and garlic… spice to taste…MMMMM. Prepare about 4 breasts to keep in some Tupperware along with some veggies or side salad to take to work and heat up for lunch.


Arugula/Spinach salad with tomato, red onion, walnuts. = 200 calories.

2-3 cups greens, ½ cup any tomatoes, red onion to taste, and a handful of walnuts. Dress as you like, but watch out! Many dressings are heavy on the calories; nowadays there are excellent low-fat versions of the classics that taste very good… try Newman’s Own brand.

If you eat dinner at an early time, you can add half a chicken breast to this salad, making it a bit heavier. However, if you work until late (6pm or later) stick to the greens and nuts only, it’s easier on your digestive system and allows for a deeper sleep.

There are many ways to concoct a large variety of quick and easy low calorie dishes with the above ingredients to promote a healthy weight loss standard, and rest assured everything will taste delicious. Just make sure you stick to the golden rule… add water, not oil! And, of course, keep active, and no cheating! That cookie just isn’t worth it, your health is more important!

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Disgaea DS: Video Game Review

The original Disgaea was released on the PS2 and this handheld version is a virtual copy of that original game. The game deals with what at first might seem like a generic fantasy game story: that of a young ruler ascending to the throne and trying to best serve his kingdom. The twist is that the kingdom is actually the Netherworld and young Prince Laharl is a demon who is expected to rule with an iron fist rather than a gentle hand. Lost memories, rookie angels, pompous humans, and many RPG and anime in-jokes all come together to create this addictive turn-based strategy game. If you are already familiar with this game and want to try similar games then there is unblocked games on sonsaur an online gaming platform for you.

Disgaea DS borrows the bulk of its gameplay rather liberally from the Final Fantasy Tactics series. Individual units can gain levels and upgrade to better classes, the story centers around certain unique “hero” units and combat takes place on locations that are set up with tiles for movement. At the start of combat, the play deploys up to 10 of their units, tells them where to go and what to do, and then ends their turn.

The enemy units then move and take their actions and it goes back and forth until one side has decimated the other. There’s nothing new or revolutionary about the basics but there are some very nice added touches that enrich the experience and add depth for those who might already be familiar with this kind of game. First, there’s geo tiles, colored spots on the floor which can have certain effects, either positive or negative. These effects can be changed and the colors even changed or eliminated for bonus points. It’s slightly confusing at first but a couple of rounds of combat and it makes total sense and becomes an integral part of combat.

Another small but entertaining touch is the ability to lift both enemies and allies and throw them. This sounds a little goofy at first but used properly it can help your units reach a troublesome enemy that they can’t get to otherwise or throw a hostile unit right into the middle of a group of the player’s strongest fighters.

One of the most interesting aspects of Disgaea DS is that is also completely optional, the Dark Assembly. This is the Netherworld’s version of a senate and for certain things to happen (better weapons for sale at the shops, opening up new worlds to conquer, etc) Laharl has to get the Dark Assembly to pass the measure.

This can be accomplished either through bribery or simply by beating up those who oppose the measure into submission. The game can be heavily tweaked using the Dark Assembly since such things as the strength of enemies can be increased or decreased with various measures. This gives the player the power to actually tailor their gaming experience as they play. If they find it too easy they can make enemies stronger.

If they went a little too far in that direction they can make them weaker again. Or if gamers find the mechanic troublesome they can simply skip the Dark Assembly altogether and play the game straight. Another optional side item is the ability to level up specific items (weapons, armor, etc) through “item world” combat. Gamers really into maxing out their characters can easily spend dozens of hours on this one aspect alone.

The story being told in Disgaea DS has a sweetly wicked sense of humor. First, there’s the fact that the hero of the game isn’t actually a good guy, actually, he’s trying very hard to be as wicked as possible. This basic premise alone leads to some amusing story moments but the game also has fun with parody as well.

Characters and story developments frequently poke fun at conventions of both video games and Japanese anime (which is the art style the game uses.) Inside jokes like a recurring boss character actually being called Mid-Boss (much to his own annoyance) or Laharl having a literal weakness to a sexy woman (keep in mind this is a T rated game and the humor is geared as such) all give great laughs. However, if the gamer isn’t that into the story they can, in another nice touch of in-game customization, actually skip the story sequences and go right to the combat.

Graphics and sound of Disgaea DS are on par with most of the games in the genre (though it is an impressive touch that there are some recorded voices for certain story moments.) As mentioned the art style is in the anime vein, with more detailed character portraits appearing to show character emotions rather than just using the in-game sprites. This helps flesh out the characters a little more as the portraits can get their reactions to things across much more clearly than the static sprites and dialog alone. The combat effects are well done as well, though some of the high-level spells have animations that a tad too long since you’re going to keep seeing them over and over again. The music is fun and lively and if players start to get bored with it they can buy additional music tracks in-game.

While Disgaea’s gameplay is highly addictive in many ways it doesn’t feel like it’s getting anywhere for a good chunk of the time. The main reason for this is that every single part of the game is accessed from the Netherworld main hub. Players will take on many enemies in a wide variety of environments from ice fields to the blinged-out palaces, however, all you will ever do in these exotic locations is a fight. The Netherworld hub is the only place where the player is granted freedom of movement and a chance to explore anything. As a result, it tends to feel as if the entire game is spent there.

This might seem like a very minor quibble however the lack of any sense of exploration results in a very confined feeling to the overall experience. Any gamer who’s been playing video games for a while will have an aching feeling that they want to get to the next area but it just doesn’t exist. Just a little more exploratory freedom or even something as simple as an over-world map (just to give a sense of global geography,) could have opened the whole thing up so it wouldn’t feel so confined.

Despite this minor drawback Disgaea DS is a game that is very easy for RPG/strategy fans to get wrapped up in for quite a few hours. However fans of the series should be cautioned, this is a remake of the original, and those who have already conquered that game will find little reason to take on the DS treatment. The upper screen is used well to show the placement of units and the color tiles on the battlefield but that’s about the only noticeable difference. Any fans of turn-based strategy owe it to themselves to check this series out if they haven’t already, it’s entertaining and addictive.

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Use Fluid to Create Desktop Applications from Websites

The Mac has some of the most unique software of any platform. Developers are consistently creating software to make the lives of Mac users easier and now developer Todd Ditchendorf has created Fluid. The fluid is a one-of-a-kind application that will bring your digital, online life even closer to your fingertips. In fact, it will bring it right to your desktop or dock.

What Is It?

The fluid is a free application that allows users to create a desktop application from any website. This means that any Web-based function that you may typically launch in a browser, you can now have right on your desktop or in your Mac’s dock. Whenever you create an application the icon for that new application will be added to your Applications folder just like any other piece of software. You can drag it wherever you want and can even add it to the dock for easy access. Furthermore, you can set the new “app” up to have an icon that you wish including the favicon from the website from which it was created. This helps you to easily identify your new Fluid app. So once you have created an application from a website you can click it and a window will launch and you can do the work you need to do without opening your browser or typing in a URL.

What Can I Do With It…and How?

The interface of Fluid makes it simple and self-explanatory to create your applications. Once you have downloaded and installed Fluid from, click the Fluid application icon to launch it. A simple window will ask you to enter the URL of the website that you wish to create an app from. For this example, I am going to create an application for checking, writing, and sending Gmail. So now I need the URL for my Gmail so that Fluid will not what website to create the application for. First, launch the Fluid application. Immediately you will see the box asking for the URL that you would like to use.

Next, obtain the URL by logging in to your Gmail account and highlighting and copying the URL from your browser’s address bar. Now paste that URL into the URL box in Fluid. At this point, you can also choose where to save it (the default location is in the Applications folder). And finally, you can decide what you would like to use for the Gmail application’s icon. The default selection is to use the favicon of the Web site from which the application is created. The last step is to click “Create” and then Fluid will create and launch your new Gmail application. You can drag this app to the dock and click it and get right to your Gmail when you need it!

I can leave my new application in the Applications folder and go there when I need it. Or I can create a shortcut and drag it to the desktop I also have the capability to drag the application from the Applications folder to the dock to create a shortcut there. And from now on whenever I need to access Gmail I can simply click the icon for my Fluid Gmail application and then work on my mail write there on my desktop without opening Firefox, Safari, or another browser. Keep in mind however that an internet connection is still required to send and receive mail via my Gmail application or any app that you may create with Fluid because does still grab information from the internet.

Fluid can be used with any kind of Web site including Facebook, TikTok( as You can easily Buy TikTok Fans for your Account), Pandora, or, as we have seen here, Gmail. Go out and discover new ways to use this powerful tool for your benefit. I hope that Fluid proves to be useful for you and that you will leave me a comment and let me know what kinds of things you have found that you can do with Fluid. J

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Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook

I used to be addicted to Friendster.

That was before I got introduced to Facebook.

Some time ago, a friend of mine asked me what my Facebook user name was so he could add me in his friend’s list, but I told him, I don’t have a Facebook account. I just have a Friendster account. He on the other hand, doesn’t have a Friendster account. He has a Facebook account. So to cut the story short, he made a Friendster account and I signed up for a Facebook account so we could add each other as friends on both Social Networking sites.

But that was my first Facebook account.

I don’t know what happened to it though. All I know is that whenever I try to login, I get an error message. I think someone hacked into it and changed my e-mail settings. Or maybe I did something wrong with the settings. I don’t know. The username and password doesn’t work anymore. Coincidentally, the e-mail address I used to sign up for my first account has the same problem.

Anyway, I signed up for a new account.

Besides connecting with long-lost friends and making new acquaintances, I find it as a useful tool in my language learning as well. That’s because there are groups of people sharing the same interest as mine who are willing to help. If people are aware about the pros and cons of Facebook, then they will prefer to use Instagram. The building of the network is simple with the purchase of followers from Massgress site. The spending of money will provide the desired results.

Like now, for instance. I am learning French and just started with Russian, too. I found a group named, “Русско – Французский / Franco – Russe !” or in English, “French-Russian”.

What a find! :’) It’s like hitting two birds with a single stone.

Facebook – it’s a nice name, in my opinion.

Oftentimes, people judge others simply by looking at someone’s face. They see you and immediately assume that they already know you.

I, on the other hand, would prefer to judge people by looking at their “book”. Well, I am a bookworm, after all. :’p Some books are interesting, others boring, while a few are plain – “annoying”. LOL!

I read them anyway, just to get some laughs. :’p

How about mine? Of course, you have the freedom to choose – by the Face or by the Book? :’p Either way, you’ll simply get an “IDC” from me. (IDC- I Don’t Care) Haha! :’p

In my last entry, I mentioned my confusion regarding the use of Здрасте and Здрaвствуйте. I asked for help and it came to me through Анастасия Солдатихина.

Here’s a screenshot of my wall post to the wall of Русско – Французский / Franco – Russe!

So now that I know the difference, I can sleep better at night. :’p

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A complete buying guide of mattress – things to know, what to prioritize, and many more!

Is your mattress making too much noise? Do you want to get a reliable product? If so, you have visited the perfect place here; we will explain numerous things about mattresses. These traits and attributes will enable you to understand what type of mattress will be preferable? How will you do the testing sessions by yourself? And many more things as well. While buying the belongings for the home, you need to prioritize the quality over any other thing.

It would be best if you prefer getting a product which has been manufactured by a reliable and reputable brand. You can be at the safer side while getting the durable product that is capable of lasting for several years, and you don’t need to invest in it over again. These are the common benefits of getting reliable mattresses, but the thing is, what are the specifications that you need to know about it. Initially, it will help you know that the mattresses are available in the massive range.

Not only this, but the pricing is different, but the height, weight, breadth, size, etc., is also different. You need to opt for the one that can be easily placed on your bed, and you will feel comfortable lying down on it. It would be best if you kept in your notice several factors and things while buying the mattress for yourself. Now you must be wondering what those things are? How will you get to know about it? 

Well, in the following description, we have explained the complete buying guide of it. You can easily get to know about the things that you need to keep at number one and get to know about the testing sessions as well. So let’s head towards the following elaboration and check them out.

Buying guide – what matters the most?

  • Get to know about the types of mattresses:

If you are planning to get the new mattress, it will help you get familiar with numerous types of it. You will be glad to know that they are available in the immense range, which means there are elevated chances to get your desired product at a reasonable price.

According to numerous tests and surveys, the people have an outcome that is whichever mattress you will choose. You need to spend $1000 if you want the desired product. Within this range, the users will get a comfortable and reliable product, and it will the most supportive mattress.

  • Check return policies and lie down test:

The users are free to visit the shop when they are sure that they want a mattress; you are free to touch and lie down on the mattress available in the shop. This is how you will get to know about the product quality and get to know that it is relaxing or not. So that you can easily make a favorable decision, and you need to check out the return policies as well.

It would be best to make sure that the respective store is offering you a full refund or credit towards the mattress you have preferred buying. Usually, several stores are offering users a comfort guarantee from couple to weeks to 120 days. Checking out the return policy will enable you to be at the safer side because if you are not satisfied with the product quality and features, you can return it and get your money back.

  • Gain information about the mattresses:

As we have discussed earlier that the mattresses are available in the massive range so that the person needs to get familiar with the types of it. Getting information about the types of mattresses will enable you to make the right selection and prefer getting a durable product. Still, several people are unaware of the types of mattresses, so we have mentioned some of them at the following points. Have a look:

Foam mattress: the foam mattresses are capable of making the users experience immense softness and flexibility. When you lie on it, then soon, your body will begin experiencing the positivity, and bouncier mattress will elevate your mood easily.

Innerspring mattresses: the innerspring mattresses are usually composed of the steel coils, and this is the type of traditional mattresses. The hybrids are having single or more layers of the foam, which is available on the top of the springs. The variations might include the special layers of cushioning and the pillow top layer or the infused gel.

Adjustable air mattresses: the users can inflate this kind of mattress according to their desired firmness by using the electric pump that needs to get attached to the bed. This is the type of mattress which is having the additional layers of foam on the top. Most of them allow the users to inflate the individuals into halves to several firmnesses, which is suitable for each sleeping partner.

The peroration

 We’re here along with an outcome that states the mattresses are present in the massive range, which means an increased chance that the user will get the desired product. But before finalizing any mattress, you need to get to gain sufficient knowledge and information about it. So that you can choose the durable product which is manufactured by a reliable and reputable brand. This is how you can invest your valuable money in the right task while getting a suitable and affordable product. 

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Easy Tips to Consider When Buying For Successful Buying!!

Do you also like sticking to your bed all day on Sundays? If yes, you would be well known to the importance of a good mattress surely. Having a good sleep at night is essential, especially if you are working all day long in the office. 

We are here helping you to attain a guide that can help with comprehensions of the primary points for the successful buying of the best mattresses. You might know a lot about mattresses and know well where to buy it from, but here sharing points that must be considered. 

Tips to consider for buying mattresses!!!

The increasing stress and competition are making it even more important to get the quality sleep that can keep you sane and help you to meet your life goals better. It is considerable for people to focus on the quality mattresses than compromising the quality due to the hefty price. Let us look for several important tips to look for when buying mattresses. 

It can be great for people to pick for the importance of the mattresses that can help you to deal with quality sleep without much hassle. 

  • Don’t stick to one recommendation: it is great for people to ask for different recommendations from your friends, colleges, and other people so that you can get a quality mattress; however, make sure you are not sticking to one religiously. Not every mattress fit for all as height, weight, support of the mattress, and other essential factors help in the identification of mattress suitability for your device. You need to pick for the mattress on your own by testing it and seeing if it is meeting your desires or not. 
  • Comfort is prominent: you need to understand that sleep is the utmost thing for having a healthy life, but if you fail to focus on that, then you aren’t getting a suitable thing. Buying the most expensive mattress is going to help you at all if it is not comfortable for you. Buying a cheaper priced mattress is good for you if comfort is provided, make sure you are considering each aspect from the weight, height, mattress foam, and other different aspects that help with the determination of the quality mattress surely. 
  • Right size: getting a wrong size is going to hurt you whether you are picking it up for shoe or mattress. Having a restricted bed isn’t going to help you anyway and can affect your sleep schedule adversely surely. Picking up the right size is important for having a spacious bed and sleeping with comfort. Getting a queen size for an individual is a bit larger, but those who like extra space would surely cherish it. If you are a couple, then choosing for master bedroom with a great mattress would help in sleeping better. 
  • Test on your own: the mattress isn’t something where you should compromise. It is better for people to test the mattress on your own rather than sticking to someone’s else suggestions and experience. Most mattress shops would allow you to test the mattress by laying down on the mattress for a while to check the convenience of the mattress. 
  • Read reviews: many mattress companies have gained thousands of customers by selling mattresses online. It is essential to focus on the Novaform Mattress Topper Review when buying its mattress. Simultaneously when buying any other mattress for yourself that is convenient for your requirement and meets your expectations. However, ensure that you are reading every review to get familiar with the mattress. You can get a practical idea of the popular mattresses currently available other than that you are sticking to. 
  • A firmer mattress isn’t ideal: if you think a firmer mattress is ideal for you or ultra-soft is suitable for you well, it is not like that at all. You need to know the balance between different mattresses finding the one that supports your back nicely and helps you to deal with comfort nicely. Excess firmness can cause discomfort at pressure points and preventing the spine from maintaining a natural curve to maintain it healthy for the long term. 
  • Stick to your budget: there are a variety of fabrics that are convenient for use and allow you to give utmost comfort; however, some of them might be too expensive. You need to stick to the budget for making it in your pocket-friendly price. However, take an average of the price of good quality and look for something that is suitable for your pocket but can also meet your expectations. 

These are primary tips to consider for buying quality mattresses for keeping comfort prominent. Additionally, the budget can be fixed and sticking to can help you in getting quality mattresses easily. You can keep all the above-mentioned points into consideration to meet your quality sleep and comfort expectations.

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Cylapril Claims to Boost Energy and Aid in Weight Loss – Does Cylapril Work?

I’m not a doctor, but a little bit of research went a long way in raising red flags for me about adrenal fatigue and Cylapril™ Adrenal Fatigue and Stress and Revitalizing Formula. Don’t construe this as medical advice, but a little common sense that may save you time, money, and more weight loss disappointment.

You may have seen the warnings about adrenal fatigue on an infomercial, along with information about adrenal fatigue presented by MD, Noelle Holly of the “Adrenal Fatigue Institute.” Dr. Holly’s recommended natural treatment for adrenal fatigue is Cylapril, an all natural treatment for adrenal glands that have been taxed until they no longer function properly.

The “Adrenal Fatigue Institute” will even send you a free booklet with everything you need to know about adrenal fatigue and a free one month supply of Cylapril. All you are asked to provide is $11.80 shipping and handling. In the process of the transaction the fine print informs you that you are also authorizing charges to your credit card for future monthly supplies of Cylapril.

That’s red flag number one. The shipping and handling is high, for such a small package, and customers, most unwittingly, authorize their card to be charged for future shipments.

Don’t worry. According to the infomercial you have a 100% money back guarantee. Of course, the following stipulations apply when trying to get your refund. You must contact the makers of Cylapril for a return authorization number within 30 days of the charge. Return the product or packaging with your refund authorization number, and a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. For the purchase, Get More Info about the claims available with the product. The weight loss results are effective to get the desired results. The claims will refund the money of the customers if there is any side-effect on the health. 

That’s a laughable red flag. How can you restock a pseudo-medical product that has been partially used? Restock fees usually apply to big ticket items, like TVs, home entertainment centers, and computers. Never have I heard of a restock fee applied to a food, herb, or medical product. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Of course this information wasn’t provided on the commercial. It is in the fine print on the Cylapirl website. That’s red flag number 3.

One of the more disturbing things about the “Adrenal Fatigue Institute” is the sweeping statements made about adrenal fatigue. Most of us have never heard of adrenal fatigue, but it sounds like a good reason why we can’t lose weight.

According to the “Adrenal Fatigue Institute,” the adrenal glands, located above the kidneys can become overworked affecting their production of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which combat stress. Non-stop stress may have overtaxed your adrenal glands. They may no longer be functioning at full capacity, and according to the “Adrenal Fatigue Institute,” adrenal fatigue can cause depression, fatigue, and weight gain.

The problem with this is that I can find no verification of any medical problem known as “adrenal fatigue.” In fact, failure of the adrenal glands can be caused by a number of factors and can be life threatening. There is no reason to panic because upon closer examination the symptoms of real adrenal problems are not the same as those associated with those identified by the “Adrenal Fatigue Institute.” In some cases, for instance they symptom of weight gain, is just the opposite of symptoms indicating adrenal problems.

This was not only red flag number 4, but the deciding factor in my belief that Cylapril is one more weight loss and energy scam.

According to the “Adrenal Fatigue Institute” symptoms of an exhausted adrenal system include: fatigue, difficulty waking, lack of energy, salty cravings, depression, decreased sex drive, and weight gain around the mid-section.

According to problems with the adrenal gland occur when the adrenal glands are not able to produce enough cortisol and aldosterone. There are very few instances in which the adrenal glands do not function properly and these include Addison’s disease, trauma or destruction of adrenal glands due to an accident, and tumors on the adrenal glands. All of these cases require medical attention.

Real problems with the adrenal system must be given immediate medical attention, they can be life threatening. Red flag number 5 regarding Cylapril and the “Adrenal Fatigue Institute” is the contradiction of information with valid medical information.

Additionally symptoms of genuine adrenal problems include fatigue and muscle weakness that gets worse over time, weight loss, and loss of appetite. This is a direct contradiction of the misinformation spread by Cylapril’s infomercial. Other symptoms of adrenal problems, according to Webmd, include darkening of the skin in folds, joints, and around scars. You may also experience lightheadedness when you arise, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, belly pain, shakiness, and salt craving.

Addison’s disease is not especially common, but if you have any of these symptoms consult with your physician.

I didn’t need any more evidence, but to solidify my argument that you shouldn’t buy into the Adrenal Fatigue Institute and Cylapril’s claims I searched for consumer reviews. Everything I found was negative. In two cases the Cylapril made patients sick and they were told by their doctors to flush the natural treatment for “adrenal fatigue.” Others complained that the product didn’t work, it was almost impossible to stop the monthly charges to their card for Cylapril, and those who appealed for their 100% money back guarantee either couldn’t get in touch with the company, or never received their refund.

That’s six red flags. I wouldn’t throw my money away on another product that promises to increase your energy and help you lose weight. It costs less per month to join a gym than to buy this product that appears to be based on false information and may actually make you sick.