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Weighted Blanket Pros And Cons, Completely Explained


Everyone needs a blanket in the winter seasons but not a normal one. Sometimes what you need is a weighted blanket. They have a minimum weight of 5 pounds and a maximum weight of 30 pounds. It is normal for them to be extra thick. There are several other blankets, so maybe thinking about why you should particularly invest in these blankets. You must know about weighted blanket pros and cons before you buy it to make a better decision.

Pros Of Using Weighted Blanket

  • Using these blankets for yourself is good because of the following reasons,
  • Being worm all night, if you want to spend your winters in comfort without catching a cold, then it’s your best option. The main purpose of buying this is to be warm.
  • Anyone can use, this is comfortable for everyone; anyone of any age can use these blankets. This makes it a good investment for you.

  • Helps with sleeplessness. If you face any problems related to your sleep, then you can use these blankets. You can find it more comfortable and relaxing. This will make sleeping easier for you.
  • Helps with anxiety, a warm and big blanket creates comfort, and because of its big size, you can wrap it up as you wish. This blanket’s weight creates a soothing effect on your body, which helps you calm down from the stress you had after a tiring day.

Because of these advantages, you should buy this blanket for yourself.

The Cons Of This Blanket

  • They have some setbacks because of which you may not prefer a weighted blanket over others,
  • Expensive, for many people, the best option is what they can afford. Buying a good quality weighted blanket is not easy. They may cost so much for them, which is why many people prefer others.
  • Too warm for a summer night, in case you can not sleep without a blanket, and you have this as your only option, then it will be hard for you.
  • Not easy to handle, for some people handling the weight is not easy. In the beginning, they feel discomfort, and it’s a little hard to get used to them.

This is clear from weighted blanket pros and cons that using these blankets is surely a good option for you, but if you don’t want these issues, you should buy something else.

What Is Used To Make These Blankets?

The most important thing for you to know about weighted blankets is how they are made, what materials are used, and how many layers are there. They are heavier because something must is filled inside them. The manufacturers use poly pellets, glass beads, or weighed discs. Different

fabrics are used to make these blankets, such as cotton, rayon, linen, Minky, etc. Normally they are made of soft materials for comfort. This is the reason wrapping the blanket feels like a real hug from someone. You should get one for yourself if you want to have the benefits of using this.

How To Choose The Best Blankets For Yourself?

You know that these blanket are expensive than other options, so you should choose a better option. Keep in mind that the blanket is not heavy for you. They must be according to your body. Choose a blanket that is almost ten percent of your body weight. This would be enough for you. You can consider other things, such as brands, material, and colors. Make sure you buy a good enough sheet for you and worth the money you are spending on them as per its reviews.


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