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Best CBD Tincture Manufacturers To Check Out


The market for high quality CBD tincture has exploded in recent years. More and more people are turning to this alternative medicine, but what is it? How does it work? And most importantly, how can you find a reliable source?

CBD refers to cannabidiol, which is a key compound found in cannabis. It’s also one of the reasons why hemp products have become so popular over the last few years.

While CBD products have exploded in popularity, they’re not all created equal. There are many different brands that claim to be “natural” or “organic,” but there is nothing natural about these products – they’ve been extracted from plants using dangerous chemicals, and then refined with harsh solvents such as propane and hexane before being bottled.

You might think that an organic product would be better for your health than a non-organic product, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Many of the organic versions contain less CBD than their non-organic counterparts, and some of them contain harmful additives like synthetic flavoring agents and other chemicals.

If you want to buy a CBD product that’s going to give you the benefits you need without worrying about side effects, you should stick to the best CBD tinctures on the market today. Here are seven of the best CBD tincture manufacturers to check out right now.

Hemp Kitchen

Founded by two veterans of the cannabis industry, this company offers a wide variety of products. They offer everything from edibles to topicals, creams, and concentrates.

Unlike most companies that only sell CBD products, Hemp Kitchen sells a full range of cannabinoids alongside CBD. Their Cannabinoid Blend features a blend of THC and CBN, while their full spectrum CBD contains both CBD and THCa (the primary psychoactive cannabinoid).

They also make a high quality CBD isolate available, which comes in varying concentrations. The highest concentration available is 1000mg per bottle, while the lowest concentration is 500mg.


This brand was founded by Dr. Michael Backes, who has spent decades researching the medical benefits of cannabis. He’s developed his own line of products, including a whole array of CBD oils, tinctures, and even supplements.

While Elixinol doesn’t specifically state that its products are made from organically grown hemp, they do use only USDA Certified Organic Hemp Seed. This means that Elixinol uses no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. They also don’t use any GMOs in any of their products.


If you prefer to get your CBD in liquid form, look no further than CBDistillery. You’ll find a huge selection of CBD tinctures, edibles, drops, capsules, and more. Not only that, but you can choose between regular and unflavored CBD, along with options packed with additional ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and garlic!


One of our favorite CBD tincture brands, KanaLeaf makes several types of CBD tinctures at various concentrations. They offer CBD isolates, tinctures, and extracts, making them a great choice if you’re looking for something a little more potent.

Not only do they offer a large selection of CBD tinctures, but they also include options for topical applications, pet treats, and even gummies. One of our favorites is the Pet Treat, which is packed with CBD and has a lovely taste on your pets.


If you want to get your CBD in liquid form, PureRx is definitely a good option. They offer several types of CBD tinctures, including both regular and unflavored varieties. Some of the flavors include strawberry lemonade, mango, and blueberry.

The biggest drawback here is that you won’t get much in terms of potency. Each bottle only contains 10ml, meaning that you’ll need multiple bottles to make up a 50ml serving. Still, it’s far easier and safer than taking pills every day!


Another CBD tincture brand we recommend, Halo offers a huge selection of CBD products. They make regular and unflavored CBD tinctures, plus CBD vape cartridges and CBD flower. All of their products are made from 100% USDA certified organic hemp seed, which makes them safe and effective.

Their regular CBD tincture comes in three different strengths, ranging from 400mg to 1g. If you’d rather save money, you can usually find the same strength for half of the price. For example, Halo offers a 400mg bottle for $39.99, while another brand offers the same exact strength for $34.99, and both are considered excellent choices.

Herbivore Botanicals

A smaller company based in Maine, Herbivore Botanicals makes several different kinds of CBD tinctures. They offer a wide variety of strengths, including 250mg, 300mg, and 350mg. These tinctures come in both unflavored and vanilla options, and they’re all made from USDA Certified Organic Hemp Seed. You can expect to pay around $30-40 for each bottle, depending on the strength.


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