Friday, May 24

There’s No “We” In Team


I know what you are saying, you have that wrong! But really, I do have a point, at least I think so. This one goes back to my line up of sports fan rants, but it actually doesn’t bother me that much, just makes me laugh. In fact, I have caught myself doing this at times. If you do this, hopefully now after reading this you can laugh at yourself every time you do it.

Do you, or do you have friends that always say “we” or “us” when referring to their favorite sports team? I find this most often when people are talking about the team from the college they attended. Talking about the recent game you hear “Yeah we really played some great defense in that third quarter.” Or, for an upcoming game, “If we can just move the ball on first down, we have a good chance of winning that bowl game.”

So, did I miss that part of the game when you were on the field? Do have a place on the sideline next to the coach you haven’t been telling me about? I didn’t know they let 40 years old out of shape guys on the field these days. Wow, I’m really impressed now. Lines such as these are always a great laugh at the expense of the armchair quarterback.

Hey, being a loyal alum is a great thing, and I am glad you are right there into the game each week. It just cracks me up that you use words like you are actually part of the team. Schools definitely don’t mind, though, as long as you keep sending in your booster dues, they will get you as close as possible to the team and staff. Those booster parties that bring in team members and coaches for you to rub shoulders with…they know exactly what they are doing. You know too, you just enjoy it so much that you are willing to part with the dollars to be there. So, everyone is happy.

It’s big business, no doubt about it. Whether college or professional, sports is a not just big business, it’s huge. Just think of all those talk radios, pre-game, post-game and all week following shows that debate everything down to the lineman’s hand position when he sets up for the play. These avid fans eat up every bit of it. Hey, if we want to win the next game, we have to do the research and know what we are talking about.

Whether you are living in the land of “usetacould” or, more than likely, the land of “never was,” you have your rights. Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, be happy, I’m all for it. Just don’t get mad when I am happy making jokes at your expense. Go, team.


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