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15 Easy Weight Loss Tips


Planning to lose a few pounds? Here are 15 easy tips that will help you get your body into better shape for the summer.

  1. Take one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day to burn body and belly fat. This fact was confirmed by a study. People who followed this advice lost a significantly more weight than people taking no vinegar despite having the same diet plan.
  1. Drink more water. People who drink more water while following a weight loss program may lose an extra 2.5 pounds.

  1. Motivation is crucial for successfully losing weight. People with strong autonomous motivation (desire to make changes for personal reasons without outside help) were better in adhering to a diet and in sustaining the weight loss.
  1. Create a fitness program that will include all major muscle groups. Exercise each group for 30 to 60 seconds in a workout session that should last 10 to 20 minutes.
  1. Consume a white-tea extract, not green or black. People who drink white tea have fat cells that are radically less fat. 
  1. Omega-3 fatty acids help greatly fuel fat metabolism in the body. Fish oil contains the enzyme called lipase that is responsible for breaking down fat.
  1. Pay attention how you eat. Do not eat fast. Brain needs some time to receive information that your stomach is full. You should also take vitamins and supplements like resurge to help you with your diet. Supplements have weight loss solutions and anti-aging properties to help you have a smooth and healthy skin. You should compliment your diet with vitamins and supplement for more effective results.
  1. Stressful job can make you overweight. High workplace stress level has a huge effect on your weight, according to a recent study. People under stress usually drink and eat a lot. They also do not have enough sleep. So, it’s imperative that you relax your body and mind in order to lose weight.
  1. Some people believe that smoking can help weight loss. A new Spanish study found that the nicotine in cigarettes causes people to gain weight rather than lose it. So, break free from your nicotine addiction.
  1. Keep a food diary. Doing this will double your weight loss success, according to a recent study. Another study found that photographic food diaries (taking photos of your meals) are capable of producing even better results than using written diaries alone.
  1. Want to double your weight loss? Add small amounts of the amino acid, Leucine, to your everyday diet. Recent studies have found that Leucine causes a reduction in calorie intake. That is not all. It also causes a drop in hunger pangs and increases energy. In addition, the amino acid will help you lose subcutaneous fat very quickly.

  1. Counting calories is not enough. You must take into account caloric density as well. Caloric density is the number of calories found in one gram of food. Two components are important: water content and fiber content. Foods that are rich in water and fiber have lower calorie density. These are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. These foods will keep you feeling full. So, if you desire to lose weight, create a diet plan filled with low calorie dense foods.
  1. Snacking is a way to weight loss! Add snacks and mini meals in-between your meals. This is the best way to build “self-control”, which is no needed when it comes to losing weight. Why is this important? When you go too long without eating, you become really hungry and end up eating too much. What do you snack on? Snack small portions of foods that you usually eat when dieting.
  1. Researchers at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition found that hot peppers can help you lose those extra inches around your waistline. The food scientists say that hot peppers contain a substance called capsaicin. It causes the body to produce heat that can help burn away the fat and lose those extra pounds. If you do not like the “burn” of hot peppers, get plants that have a non-burning version of capsaicin called dihydrocapsiate (DCT).
  1. You must have enough sleep to lose weight. It was recently discovered that people who sleep less eat more. People who sleep less, eat about 22 percent additional calories the next day. How much sleep in enough? In general, most humans need eight hours of good sleep.

Bonus tip. Become a politician. Today’s politicians are very concerned about their physical appearance. Remember Mike Huckabee’s spectacular 120 pound weight loss! Voters do not want to see someone whose belly is huge.

And now the most important tip – dieting alone will not cause significant weight loss! American researchers found that reducing calories by 30 percent does not result in weight loss. They revealed that diet and exercise must be combined in order to achieve this goal.


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