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Are Fat Burning Workouts Really Worth The Effort?


Why do fat burning workouts work for some people and not others? Is it genetics, metabolism, sheer will or desire, hormones or even your thyroid gland?

Those ripped personal trainers you see in every fitness club didn’t get that way due to any “genetic predisposition.” I contend that most of it hard work and dedication. They’re the direct result of dedication along with a lot of focused effort using fat burning workouts. They didn’t get a trim waist, super tight buns and muscular physique by accident. These people are focused and dedicated, are you?

It takes discipline, drive and determination to get a lean sculpted body. When 5 am rolls around and it’s dark outside and your alarm goes off, are you motivated to pump some iron? What drives you?

Those guys with the huge chests and wide shoulders paid big time attention to their diets not just their fat burning workouts. What I’m saying is that with the right attitude and commitment, you can get to have bodies just like them. But it’s not going to come easy. The question is, what’s going to motivate you when all you want to do is roll over in your nice warm comfortable bed?

 Casey Viator from the Colorado Expirement

Of course, there are some of the lean individuals in gyms that are lucky for having the right sets of genes, perhaps a genetic trait towards muscularity or very high metabolism. There is a component of good genes that does come into play, but it certainly isn’t the reason why you’re fat, overweight or just have flabby body right now. But it does seems like they don’t even have to try that hard during their workouts. Screw them. Don’t compare yourself to anybody. Only compare yourself to you. That’s all.

Focus on becoming the best that you can be, not what somebody else looks like.

Make a personal commitment to workout everyday. You need to do it properly and do it more than once a week. Create a number of total body fat burning workouts for numerous parts of the body, then stick to a gym workout plan so that the entire body gets worked out each week. I like to workout 1 body part per day, 6 days a week. It’s a great gym workout plan. Then I switch to split routines.

Compound exercises are great as well. These are things like squats, overhead presses, inverted rows, deadlifts and bench press. They’ll work out your hamstrings, calves, glutes, abdominal muscles, shoulders (deltoids, trapezius muscles), latissimus dorsi muscles, triceps, forearms, teres major etc.

In a week, do some split routines composed of upper and lower body workouts plus cardiovascular training. Concentrating on one main muscle group for the whole week for 5 workouts is also another option.

The secret is actually to exhaust every muscle to the fullest at least one time in a week. This means stressing the muscle so much so that doing one more repetition would actually make you drop the weight. It’s called muscular failure.

It was proved by Arthur Jones, the developer of Nautilus machines that you can have a muscular body with just 3 intense workouts per week. Your routines don’t need to be long and boring. In fact it’s better if they’re short and intense.

Do a search for “The Colorado Experiment” on the internet and you’ll read about how a guy named Casey Viator, who gained 63 pounds of muscle in just 4 weeks. That almost seems unheard of but it’s true. Not only is it true, but it’s possible for you. Now you may not want to gain that much lean muscle mass (I know I don’t) but you would like to shed some pounds and perhaps add 20 pounds of muscle to your frame. If he can do it, so can you.

For a bodybuilder who had suffered an accident and almost died, he achieved success by going on a proper bodybuilding diet plan and workout every other day on the Nautilus equipment. Imagine what you could do with free weights vs machines?

Nautilus machines are great if you’re injured or old but not to increase your lifts and really get strong. He did it using less than optimal equipment.

His recovery, though not all fresh muscle, was “tissue memory”. It’s the exact same principle for anybody using this approach. The point is, he got amazing results on his fat burning workouts even after being injured. What makes you think you can’t achieve the same results?

Correct nutrition is the second component of creating more muscle and losing fat. It’s the ultimate compliment to your fat burning workouts. A protein heavy diet plan with minimal carbohydrates, plenty of fluids and fiber is the easy formula for successfully sculpting your body.

Low sugar and low processed carbohydrates like wheat, corn, flour, pasta, pizza, cakes, chips, crackers, muffins are not only going to pack on the lbs, but it’s also setting you up for diabetes, cancers and heart attacks. 

It is not that one has to completely give up junk food to attain a healthy body (although it is an added bonus) but one can have it once in a while instead of regularly so that one can avoid the aforementioned health risks that can be disastrous for the body and apart from protein food, health drinks like smoothie, pomegranate juice, lemonade, red juice can be beneficial after workout sessions especially the last one as there is an interesting organifi red juice review available online that is worth seeing.

The elimination of processed foods and sugars is also paramount. Your diet is key, without the right diet you don’t get results and you die young. Diet is everything.

For “The Colorado Experiment”, the main diet plan of two subjects were animal and vegetable protein as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. They made a habit to drink plenty of water but they also avoided caffeine and alcohol.

Almost every bodybuilder has very powerful visualizations of how they want to look like.

Many of them meditate multiple times a day, visualizing images of how they want their body to be. That way, they’re having their minds help them to accomplish their goals. Fat burning workouts can only go so far, without meditation and confidence you won’t gain muscle and lose weight as fast as you’d like.

Imagine what you look like in those skinny jeans if you’re a woman. Or if you’re a guy what you’ll look like at the pool party when you take off your shirt. Will women be attracted to your ripped physique or will you simply blend in with everybody else?

It’s time to turn some heads. Think about and create that feeling as you’re about to begin each set of exercises.

A lot of experimentation has been done to see how mental imagery can affect athletic performance. Trimming down your body and sculpting your body can also be attributed to visualization or meditation. It’s like any sport where the athletes picture in their mind making the game winning shot or scoring the final goal in the closing seconds of a game.

It’s important to not only have the image in your mind but also the feeling of what that image creates.

Many athletic individuals may have not been meditating consciously but they have been doing this by instinct. You will find recorded examples of athletes thinking upon and meditating about performing their chosen sport. There are recorded improvements in performances after these meditative sessions.

It’s well worth your try. Of the athletes (and regular people) who meditate, much more of them by percentage are successful in reaching their goals than people who don’t.

Regular and consistent workouts can do wonders for those people that are dedicated and committed. Are you one of them?


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