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Are GPT Sites Really Worth It? Darby Borough Applies a Quick Fix, but Does it “Raise the Bar”?


Making money online is one of the most sought-after ideas, and one of the most popular ways to do that is through what are known as GPT or “Get Paid To” sites. These sites consist of offers that you complete, which could be a number of things, the most popular being surveys, e-mails, adds, shopping or posting. Let’s go a little in depth to each of these, shall we?

Surveys. I have a hard time calling these surveys, as they are far from surveys that most companies put out to collect information on their product or service. Instead, you know those pop ups that you get advertising a “FREE IPOD!” or “GET YOUR FREE $50 GIFT CARD!” that we all know are scams? Well that’s what you’ll be dealing with here. Basically, you go to these sites, put in your personal information, and then go through page after page of clicking “No” to a million other offers they want you to complete.

After going through a certain amount of pages, the GPT site that sent you there will give you an amount of money, normally less than a dollar. Granted, there are ways around this through throwaway e-mails and phone numbers, fake addresses and the like. But is it really worth all the trouble? Absolutely not. Not only do you have to go through the agonizing process of entering a new e-mail every time you complete each offer, but you also need to close your browser EVERY time, clean out your cookies and then go back.

This is horribly annoying. On top of that, if you don’t enter a fake e-mail and phone number, I can guarantee you’ll be hearing it on your phone, through the mail, and that e-mail address you had? Don’t even try to sort through the spam, trust me. Add all this to the fact that your offers might not always clear (I’ve had offers marked as “pending” for a month now), and it’s just not worth it.

 E-Mails. Many sites, such as, will ask you to read e-mails each day. Simple, huh? The only problem is, each e-mail normally gives you less than a penny unless you complete an “incentive offer” which is normally in the form of the surveys listed above, or something you have to pay for. Granted these sites will give you new e-mails nearly everyday, but even so, it’s not going to rack up enough money to even fill your gas tank.

Adds. This is fairly similar to the paid e-mails, in that you may get a decent amount of adds to click, but each one pays less than a penny. Simply click on a link, leave the page open for 30 seconds or so (sometimes less, depending on the site) and you’ll get the amount added to your account, without having to wait for it to go through pending. This isn’t bad, depending on whether you can open multiple sites at once or not (each GPT site has different rules regarding this). Even so, like above, it’s not going to make you a large amount of money on it’s own.

Shopping. Now this area is fairly difficult, as it’s very situational. Basically, if you buy something from certain shopping sites or portals, the GPT site will give you a portion of the money back (if not all of it). This is a good idea if it’s something you already plan to buy, but it’s very easy to get caught up and end up spending more money that you’re bringing in. Also, many GPT sites give you money back for participating in free trials or ordering samples or products or services. Once again, this isn’t bad if you already planned on doing so, but otherwise, it’s very easy to get caught up in.

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Paid to Post. It’s just as it sounds! Post on a forum, and you get paid for each topic and reply. Now this would be great if there were some good forums out there to post on, but 99% of these sites are all mostly spam sites, or ones that are otherwise just very hard to create discussions with. Couple that with the fact that you’re payed a penny or so for each topic and reply, and it’s just not worth your time. Said time would be better invested in taking that topic you were going to write about, and submitting it as an article on some of those paid article sites!

All in all, yes. It could make you money. But it’s just not worth it! The time you would be spending to get a decent income is about the same amount of time you would spend getting the same sum in a paycheck from your average part time job, and probably less tedious! On top of that, it takes so long to sort through the million scams on the web! You can’t get rich without investing some time and effort, so steer away from the “quick money” schemes like this, and stick to the real deal – you won’t regret it!


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