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Arm Muscle Building Workout – How to do it 


Muscular arms scream “fitness”. I remember that as a kid, whoever had the biggest biceps was king. Much is still the same: women are always impressed by big arms, and men are jealous! They are immediately noticeable, even when covered by a shirt. Here are my ideas on to help your arm muscle building workout.

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Lets clarify something right away. In order to grow arm muscles, you HAVE to work them hard. Big arm muscles will miraculously grow from sitting around and squeezing some hand grips or rubber balls in the office. You must go to the gym and use real weights.

The upper arm is divided into two key muscle groups. The triceps are a three part muscle which is on the back of the arm, and is fully contracted when the arm is completely straightened. The bicep on the other hand, is a two part muscle that is in the front of the arm. It is only fully contracted when your arms a curled tightly.

Think of the biceps as the muscle used for pulling things towards you, and the triceps for pushing them away.

The biceps respond most to curling weight (a positive exercise) and resisting return to a beginning point (a negative exercise). Anyone serious about their results should make sure to include both exercises in their arm muscle building workout.

Pushing weight away effectively targets the triceps (positive), and resisting the return to the beginning position (negative). As with the biceps, both movements should be exerted for the best results.

Your arms will obviously get some work on other muscle group days, but you should make sure to devote one day a week to focus on arms. On this day the muscles should be worked to complete exhaustion.

Biceps Exercises

Barbell and Dumbbell Curls – This type of exercise can be performed in many different ways, both standing and seated. The movements should be slow and controlled with mental focus on the biceps. Aim for three sets of ten repetitions for each of the following:

  • close grip barbell curl, seated
  • close grip cheat curl, standing
  • face forward barbell curl, incline
  • barbell curl, lying face forward on high bench
  • standing dumbbell curl
  • incline dumbbell curl
  • reverse grip curl using the easy curl bar
  • concentration curls using easy curl bar on scott bench
  • close grip curls with easy curl bar on flat preacher bench
  • Triceps Exercises
  • Triceps Presses, Curls, and Press Downs
  • close grip triceps curls, standing
  • close grip triceps curls, seated
  • french press, supine on flat bench
  • striceps curls and press, supine
  • reverse wide grip bench press
  • standing dumbbell triceps press
  • triceps press downs, machine
  • reverse grip triceps press downs
  • triceps press using wall pulley and rope or towel, standing
  • bent over triceps extension with wall pulley

Super Sets

For those who are super serious about their muscle building workout, you should alternate between biceps and triceps exercises. This will shorten your workout time without sacrificing the integrity of your exercises. I recommend moving between exercises with no rest and taking a one minute break between sets.

Now that your muscle is sufficiently torn down, its time to build it back up again. As any workout enthusiast knows, a high protein diet is critical to rebuilding torn tissue. Ideally, 25% of your calories should come from protein. Dietary fats and fibers are important here, as they help to metabolize this protein.

Supplements are good as well. Amino acids in the form of Lipotropic 3 are great. These are a compound of three essential amino acids that essentially burn body fat. Kelp tablets and desiccated liver are also good. Finally, wheat germ oil that has been cold pressed will give you endurance and boost your energy to new levels. Follow these steps and you will have a successful arm muscle building workout!


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