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Beating Erectile Dysfunction: How I Did It


Some time ago, I watched a commercial with former Congressman Bob Dole talking about erectile dysfunction. It made me laugh. After all, even though it was a condition that affected many men, I figured it was also something I wouldn’t have to worry about. Or, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about it until I was considered a senior citizen.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case. Instead, I found myself experiencing the exact same condition I was laughing about right as I hid my mid-30s.

At first, I thought it was a temporary thing. I figured I had a bit too much stress at work or maybe I was just tired from taking care of our youngest daughter. And, for a while, the fact it was sporadic did make it easy to believe that. However, the problem eventually got worse to the point I was afraid to go to bed with my wife out of the potential embarrassment and frustration it might cause if she wanted to get intimate. The reputed and licensed sellers will not create any embarrassment for the customers while disclosing the problem. The sharing of the hyper male force reviews will provide confidence in the person to communicate about the problem. The pills will provide enormous benefits and reviews can be checked at online websites for checking. 

It was because of that, I decided to take charge of my life and, today, I feel I have beaten the problem by taking some very important steps.

The first thing I did was see my doctor. This part was actually the hardest because I have never really liked doctors all that much and was very reluctant to go. But, I also figured, if I was having a problem like ED, there was likely some sort of underlying cause and the only way I was going to find that out was by having tests done.

As it turns out, there was an underlying cause to my problem, my testosterone. While not officially low, it was on the lower end of normal and my doctor believed that was creating problems at night (the only time my wife and I are together), when my testosterone level would be even lower.

The second thing I did was get help, at least temporarily. OK, I liked before, when I said visiting a doctor was the hardest part. That was actually a close second to getting a prescription for Cialis and then having to go to a pharmacy to pick it up. But, I love my wife and didn’t want something like ED getting in the way of our relationship so I walked up to the pharmacy counter and filled it.

And, I’m glad I did this. I only needed it for a short while. But, it did help me overcome my problem in the mean time and, as a result, helped rebuild some of the confidence I was starting to lose.

After those two things, I took a serious look at my life and made some much more permanent changes. One of the first things I ended up doing was joining our local YMCA because, as my doctor told me, one of the best ways to get my testosterone level back up is by having a much more active lifestyle. Now, instead of coming straight home after work (where I sit for 8 hours straight) just to sit on the couch, I go work out a couple nights a week for an hour. As a result of this, I have noticed much more energy and a lot less stress.

Another thing I did was take a close look at what I was eating. Another condition I was diagnosed with while at the doctor’s office was high blood pressure. And, this was something he felt was caused by me being overweight. So, in addition to getting exercise, I started eating healthier. I still have junk food. But, I eat more vegetables and have cut back on my soda drinking considerably. This, combined with the gym, helped me lose 10 pounds.

As a result of those two changes, I was able to stop taking the Cialis after a couple of months and have not had an issue with ED since. I’m able to make love to my wife like I used to with plenty of confidence.

Granted, my success might not be something everyone can enjoy. But, if you are experiencing the same problem I did, it is worth taking that first step and visiting your doctor. I’m glad I did.


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