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Can Women Use Protein Supplements


Proteins are often advertised by the producers themselves as formulations that provide the building blocks ( amino acids) are essential for building muscle . However, most women start regular workouts at the gym , rather it is interested in expanding figure. Hence, women come up with a big distrust for protein supplements , fearing the excessive growth of muscle tissue. But these concerns are not an exaggeration ?

What is essentially a protein supplement ?

Proteins , although often are advertised as a unique blend of raw materials causing rapid development of muscle mass , are not really – as the name suggests – just a source of protein . The “action” is so close to the ” action ” of conventional food products are the source of this nutrient , such as meat and dairy products . Each protein, regardless of its origin is a source of amino acids, and amino acids are used by the human body primarily in the synthesis and can be used as building blocks from which arise muscle proteins . Does it mean that consuming protein supplements will result in a sudden increase in muscle ? Of course not ! Similarly, with the rest of the rapid proliferation of biceps will not result in food for lunch or dinner of chicken breast or cottage cheese . We know that even though these products are a common ingredient diets of bodybuilders who want to increase the weight , they are covered well in the menus untrained persons or lose weight , without causing muscle development ! Not only that , one of the most popular weight loss diets – diet Dukan – is based on the main component of protein supplements , that is – proteins !

What can be used protein supplements ?

We already know that the mere consumption of protein supplements will not cause a sudden increase in muscle mass. So physically active women who exercise in order to slim the silhouette, do not have to worry that drinking a cocktail of protein after exercise will change from day to day in Schwarzennegera . The question is , what ‘s the point of application of this type of supplements as mentioned on Testogenr review ? It turns out that the reason may be at least a few , even :

Convenience – protein conditioner is a quick and convenient way to provide a portion of the protein. Give the can as an instant meal . You can drink it at work, school , travel and of course after training ;

Better regeneration – the adoption of portions of easily digestible protein after the exercise is an excellent way to accelerate the pace of regenerative processes . The nutrient protein should think ladies who are unable to eat for hours after your workout balanced meal ;

Decreased appetite – serving of protein shake can be a great way to reduce feelings of hunger and desire for something sweet . With its participation can prepare a delicious dessert in a cocktail ;

A faster metabolism – protein is the most thermogenic nutrient , its consumption accelerates metabolism , causing your body burns more energy ;

How to take a protein conditioner ?

Dosage protein shake is individual , it is best to take it after exercise in an amount of about 20 – 30g and emergency situations , when you can not eat the scheduled meal or when you get a craving for something sweet . Protein shake can also be added to selected meals such as oatmeal or fruit smoothies . Please note that the conditioner from the definition of a dietary supplement and not a replacement , it should not be that protein shakes suddenly become the basis of the menu.

What kind of conditioner to choose?

On the market there are many different protein preparations not only the company and the size of the package, but also the taste , price and origin of raw materials. It is best to select nutrients based on whey proteins as their biological value is high , and besides, have a pleasant taste and a good solubility. It is better to choose products from reputable companies , and purchases made ​​in the proven, large stores .


Referring to the question posed in the title of this article should be firmly say that the most physically active women can use protein supplements . Moreover, their inclusion in the diet may entail many benefits.

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