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Colorado May Close Medical Marijuana Businesses


Due to several places failing to get a Denver city application, Colorado may close many medical marijuana businesses in July. It’s estimated that as many as 41 businesses could be shuttered in the state’s capital. There were many applications that were denied last year, but businesses say that the city has a tremendous backlog which is delaying applications, affecting the entire process. Many of these businesses have had their applications in process for years. July 1st is the deadline set for all medical marijuana businesses to be licensed. If they haven’t acquired a license by that time, they must cease operations. There are plenty of options available when you are buying the 12 Best CBD Oils of 2021 from the reputed store. The choosing of the correct store is essential to have the desired results. The selection of the correct methods is essential to have a good mental and physical health. 

Denver sent out dozens of letters warning business operators of the deadline. According to these letters, “Failure to comply may result in law enforcement and administrative action.” Denver marijuana policy coordinator, Ashley Kilroy said that officials from their department visited businesses to warn them of the coming deadline and to urge them to finish the application. She told the Digital Journal, “We hope that they’ll be in compliance and, if not, we’ll have to figure out how we go about enforcing the order to cease operations.” Medical marijuana establishments must be awarded a license from the state and a local license in order to run their business.

2010 is when officials began licensing medical marijuana establishments in Colorado. Those businesses who had yet to acquire a license were still allowed to operate while the review process for applications was still taking place. For years businesses in the dozens sent in their applications and heard nothing back. Currently, Denver and the state government are starting to make progress through the backlog of applications. 101 businesses remained in license limbo when the city of Denver sent out its letter decreeing the July 1st deadline. Today, that number is down to an impressive 41, less than half, but still significant. Few of those that are left are merely medical marijuana businesses.

Last year there were approximately 100 businesses waiting for their license, but that number remained at around eighty by springtime. As the backlog began to grow smaller, regulators began denying more and more businesses. Some businesses have said that minor issues have kept them from getting a license. Colorado is one of only two states that have passed recreational marijuana laws, so patients won’t be kept from their medication. It could be a hassle, however, for those who are comfortable obtaining their medicinal marijuana from one particular place. 22 other states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana laws, and seven more, some conservative states like Alabama and Kentucky, allow for certain low THC varieties for severe childhood epilepsy.


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