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Diving Deep Into The Rich History Of The Holden Cars!


Everyone knows about the famous car manufacturing company in southern Australia, known as Holden. It is one of the most trusted and reliable automobiles manufacturers offering unique customers designs and astonishing car models. Holden was founded by Henry James Holden, who came to this world in the year 1859, and at that time, no one could have expected that he will be the creator of this fantastic automobile manufacturing company. Initially, Holden was named as J.A Holden and sons and dealt in horse harnesses, travel goods, whips, and cases for guns and other hardware for vehicles. They produce all this stuff on the order of the government as it needed these goods in the Boer war.

Holden remained the same till 1908 as at that time; General Motor Corporation was started. It was the beginning of the J.A. Holden Company. The first working of this company was started in Australia, where it began to build frames and bodies for cars in 1917. It used the older chassis and rebodied them. Now there are various holden motor wreckers and people recycling auto parts of Holden cars. Holden started to produce body shells for vehicles and a large scale as at that time; there were restrictions on trade. In late 1917, H.J. Holden starte3d a new company and named it Holden’s Motor Body Builders.

Some essential years in the history of Holden cars


1940 was a highly important year in the history of Holden in 1939; it started its second factory for full-scale manufacturing of cars. It was inaugurated by the prime minister in 1396 but started its working in 1939. The production witnessed a downfall due to the Second World War as the manufacturers focused more on producing engines, bodies, shells, guns, etc. As the war was about to end, the government tries to encourage the automobile industries and boost its working. Holden and GM came together to form a unique car design for the Australians.


Soon after beginning its working, Holden tool no time to create complete domination on the market and was the leading brand of the car market in Australia. It also enhances its scale of production with the help of the enormous investment it got from GM. It introduced Sedans in the market along with the ‘ute’ which gained massive popularity in the underdeveloped areas of Australia. It continued to produce both the model simultaneously till 1953 but infused some changes in the design after some specific period. They made a massive change after 1953 by forming a new panel van body style. The new model gained great popularity and became extensively famous all over the world.


This year, Holden launched the third model named the FB. It had a unique design that reflected the chevy’s in 1950 and was tailor-made for the left-hand driving purposes, which lead to a boost in its export receipts. It had a unique color combination with two tones that complemented each other well. In the same year Ford Falcon was launched in Australia, but it was not suitable to be run in the Australian conditions as it had weak suspension, so to solve this hassle and earn profit from it; Holden introduced a new EK series which had excellent automatic suspensions and launched many other updated models in the same year.


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