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Do Vitamins Help in Protecting Your Hearing?


Vitamins and minerals are the things that ensure the overall wellness of our health. But did you know they extend a huge benefit to our ears as well? From magnesium, potassium to vitamin C and E, vitamins protect our hearings too. Now let’s get into the details below –

Supplement to the Hearing Entitled

  • Mighty minerals

Minerals are the substances that are found in soil and water, and these are the things that plants absorb quickly. When we consume these plant’s products, our bodies receive extensive nutrients that are beneficial for our health. Minerals and magnesium help improve hearing conditions in humans, such as ear infection, age-related hearing disability, tinnitus, etc.

  • Magnesium protects innerear damage

Yes, magnesium is a thing that protects against inner ear damage in adults. Noiseinduced hearing loss is a common thing among adults. However, researchers have proved that magnesium plays an important role in protecting our ears from the severely damaging effects of noise. Loud sound initiates the production of radical molecules in the ears that damage the ears’ delicate cells.

Since these ear cells are the ones that transmit sound from ear to brain, therefore any kind of damage to these ear cells can result in permanent hearing loss. But now, it is possible to treat this problem with the help of magnesium. Yes, magnesium is the thing that blocks the activity of these cell molecules in the ears. Therefore, it is a good supplement to the hearing entitled.

  • Potassium helps to convert sound

Potassium is a very useful mineral that does a lot of things to our body. It helps in regulating the level of fluid in our blood vessels and tissues. The researchers have found that the fluids in our ears need potassium, which is crucial for converting sounds into impulses directly sent to the brain.

As we age, the potassium level in our body goes down, which ultimately results in age-related loss of hearing. Therefore, it is essential to eat potassiumrich food only, maintaining a balance in the inner ear.

  • Zinc helps to fight against bacteria and virus

Zinc is mainly known for its immunityboosting power and ability to fight off cold. But do you know that zinc helps to produce and activate T cells that are specially designed to destroy bacteria ad protect our body from any kind of virus attack? Studies have shown that while minerals prevent ear infections, zinc is a very effective protein that improves our hearing health.  

People who have sudden hearing loss due to any reason should regularly intake zinc proteinbased food or medicine. The researches have proved that zinc supplements help to recover and improve hearing for those who are experiencing sudden hear loss.

Therefore, it can rightly be said these are the supplement to the hearing entitled which prove very effective and shows the great result if anyone takes them on a regular basis.


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