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Does IPS With LED Produce a Powerful Combination?


IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel technology has, been looked up to the high-end, high-priced monitors used by graphics professionals that has fantastic color wide viewing angles. However, with LG’s new LG IPS236V, anyone can take pleasure in the benefits of IPS technology without spending too much. LG IPS236Vis a great deal for those who want quality and affordability. This 23-inch LED technology supported backlit display delivers rich colors and great viewing from different angles. Hard core gamers may be disappointed with its motion performance though.

Regardless of LG IPS236V low price the IPS236V still is not left behind when it comes to its LED backlight which allows for somewhat lower power draw and a more balanced backlight. Needless to say, this monitor is massively superior to other panel display when you talk about image quality. The LG IPS236V is very sharp in its image and with vibrant colors to boast.

What users think about LG IPS236V?

While not as capable as other LED monitors, the LG IPS236V does not consume that much power. It averaged around 34-watts, compared to other monitors which could go to around 50-watts, this means, you do not only save on the price of the monitor you buy, you also save on the energy it consumes. Some of the new users noticed some light bleed in the corners of the screen, but this was only visible with black backgrounds. Or else, the color distribution was even. Viewing angles were also good, but there could be a minor drop when viewing outside a 30˚ angle.

This was most evident on white web pages; nonetheless, the monitor’s whites are highly exceptional.

 This product has 5ms response time in gaming and videos and any blurring was hardly noticeable, even in fast-paced games. The monitor should create that natural feel with deep and rich vibrant colors. Skin tones from movies and pictures should appear natural and realistic on the screen. IPS panels are recognized for their outstanding viewing angle characteristics, and the IPS236V is certainly one of them; the screen preserves its color fidelity and brightness when viewed from any extreme angle side and even by viewing from the top of the monitor. Even small text (5.3 points) come out clear and well defined. Most users would not notice the not-so-specified details of the picture and video unless they are actively looking for them, but hard core gamers may be dissatisfied.

On the whole, the LG IPS236V is a great deal indeed. It presents the loaded, vigorous color quality and wide viewing angles that define IPS panel technology, without the mess of emptying your pockets. The features would be excellent for movie viewers but not totally for gamers. Nevertheless, LG IPS236V is sleek, modern, and just as economical as it can be.


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