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Explore The Right Hemp Flower Strain That Suits Your Needs


Most of the hemp smokers who are new in this field are unaware of this information that there are so many different types of strains for CBD cannabis. The range of different cannabis strains could easily confuse an ordinary individual at first. A simple trick that works for most cannabis consumers is the CBD to THC ratio. It is suggested that the CBD should be higher than 10% usually while the THC content has to be lower than 0.05%.

CBD does not make a person feel stoned, while THC is highly responsible for the same. If your cannabis makes you feel high, then it has a higher THC rate. The CBD-rich cannabis is used for medical purposes like dealing with depression, PTSD, etc., while stoners generally consume the THC.

Charlotte’s Web Is Believed To Be The Oldest Of All

It is considered as the first-most CBD strain that you can say started the wide usage of cannabis. The CBD contents in this strain are almost around 13%, while the THC is lesser than 0.04% in most cases; that would be good not to get highly stoned and used for health issues like anxiety, depression, or relief from pain. This is a good one for the newbies who are going to try CBD for the first time.

Forest Rain By Peak Leaf Is A Particular Case Strain

This strain has around 10% CBD and Indica dominant with 0.5% THC. High CBD strains are given to patients who are struggling with depression or anxiety problems. Also, doctors sometimes use these high CBD and THC strains for the patients who want to quit harder drugs, which is the specialty of this strain.

Remedy – Goes Right By The Name

Remedy strain is around 14% CBD with no psychoactive effects like getting stoned etc. this is effective for pain reliefs like headaches or sometimes useful to deal with insomnia. The high CBD rate would provide an extraordinary relief and good feeling to its consumer with negligible psychoactive effects on the mind.

Super Pleasant ACDC Strain For Fighting Depression

This cannabis strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 15 to 1 or sometimes even more significant than 28 to 1, which is a tremendous strain for new cannabis consumers. It has a quite citrusy strain and is highly recommended for depression patients because of its boosting and motivational effects.

Lifter Strain For Better Sleeps At Night

It has become quite common in the modern world that people struggle to get sound sleep at night. And eventually, they feel exhausted and off all day, decreasing their performance at work. If you are also struggling with such an issue, you can try these excellent Hemp flower strains that would let you sleep well at night

Recapitulating This Discussion On High CBD-Strain Cannabi

This information would help the next time you buy a Hemp flower for yourself to deal with your mental illness or if you want to give it a try. The list of strains doesn’t end here, but these were the main strains that are generally found in the market.

Hemp strains don’t only have a variety in the form of CBD to THC ratio, but many also come in a variety of odor and spicy taste when smoked. For instance, a strain with the name Cheery Wine smells like Wine and cheese when you smoke it. Its CBD rate is 17%, and THC is less than 1%. Other strains like Sour space candy or Elektra have been voted down for their aroma, but their effects are satisfying.


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