Friday, July 12

Feeling Fat Be Encouraged


If you are like me you stand in front of the mirror and analyze your body. The flabby arms, stretch marks, and bloated tummy cause your self-image to go down the tube!

Shopping becomes a chore and something you dread. All the cute styles and happy fashion is depressing as you step out of the dressing room wanting to scream “I’m fat and ugly, yuck”. You move on from the cute section to the fat and frumpy section in a mood not healthy to your soul.

It’s so difficult to predict when those thoughts are gonna come. We could be totally fine and happy and a commercial with a hot thin girl pops up. You remind yourself how much you don’t look like that. Or you try on some old clothes and they are not even close to wearable anymore because they are too tight. I know for myself I start thinking how terrible I am for letting myself get this way. I decide to go on my roller coaster of dieting plans and rigorous workouts after reading the Carbofix reviews. Recently I realized my thoughts were debilitating me.

After that realization, I began to want to conquer my thought patterns. God did not put us on this earth to beat ourselves up about our flaws. We were made for so much more. When we constantly bash ourselves we can not move on to the more we were created for. So here are some things to help turn your mind from “I’m too fat” to “I was created for more”.

Admit you are feeling fat. Be brutally honest with yourself. Don’t try to act like you don’t feel that way. Say how you feel. Trying to ignore how you feel makes things worse in the long run. The truth sets us free. Lying to ourselves keeps us in bondage.

Ask yourself questions to discover what you are really struggling with. When we feel upset or stressed, we often keep it inside and begin to feel ugly and fat. Ask yourself, “What is really bothering me?” Often times you will discover that your feelings are about something totally different. Ask yourself where you are in your cycle. That time of the month can make you feel terrible and we often forget how much our cycle really affects us.

Get your thoughts under control. Don’t let them take you on a ride, put them in check mode. When you start to have those “I’m so fat and ugly” thoughts see those as lies to destroy your confidence and personality. Keep a journal and write out those lies about yourself and then write out the truth about yourself. Embrace the truth. Are you generous? Are people drawn to your smile? What are your talents and passions? Embrace the truth, remember it sets us free.

Freedom is a choice and it is a choice we have to make every day. I have days of feeling bad about myself and I have to bring my thoughts under control and embrace the truth. According to God we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Those thoughts that tell us we are fat, ugly, and worthless are lies that keep us in bondage. Be free ladies embrace the truth!


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