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Around five years ago I discovered I had verrucas on the bottom of both of my feet. Now I wish I could say that there were just a few there, however that was not the case. I managed to count at least 20 on my right foot and another 15 on my left foot. I am the kind of person that gets anxious quite easily, and so as you can probably imagine I was really worried about the amount I found and wondered what I was going to do. The thought of ‘What if they spread even more!’ kept going through my mind. Not only was I trying to deal with the verrucas, I was also trying to get rid of three stubborn warts on my hand that had been there for much longer than the verrucas on my feet. I had a few trips to the wart clinic to have the warts frozen off, however this was never successful and I must have got through several tubes of bazuka trying to get rid of both my warts and verrucas, but still had no luck! Doctors in the past whom I would show my warts and verrucas to would tell me to ‘keep being persistent with them and they will go’. Unfortunately this was not the case for me.

I became very embarrassed about my feet and it took me a lot of courage to go and see the doctor or chiropodist near me as I was so afraid about what he would say and if I would find that I had something serious wrong with me. Fortunately this was not the case at all. I went back to my local surgery to see a new doctor and I showed him my hands and feet. He confirmed that they were verrucas on my feet and warts on my hand and he could see that I was very upset and that they were troubling me. They caused me a lot of pain and discomfort at times.

The doctor admitted that because of the amount I had he would not be able to treat them for me, as they are extremely difficult to get rid of. He was then finally able to bring me hope, as he mentioned that his daughter had the same trouble as me getting rid of her verrucas and warts that she had for years and no matter what they tried they couldn’t get rid of them either. He then took his daughter to see Ramesh Mistry, who was able to treat them! The doctor gave me Ramesh’s contact details and was able to get an appointment very quickly.

The treatment took around 12 weeks because of the amount of verrucas that I had. I am pleased to say that the treatment was very successful and I am now completely free of verrucas on both of my feet and the warts on my hands have completely gone! I was truly amazed and I cannot emphasise how happy I am! I highly recommend Ramesh’s treatment. I am now free to swim again and I can’t wait to try shoes on when I next go shopping! My confidence has come on leaps and bounds and I am less anxious than I was at the start. This treatment really has been life changing for me.


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