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Four Most Essential Muscle Building Exercises


Are you on the lookout for muscle building exercises to become successful in your quest for your dream body? MoneyOffSupps will provide you with the right combination of exercises to flaunt your look in no time. These exercises can save you the trouble of going to the gym on wintry or rainy mornings or can look good while practicing it in a gym with advanced work out facilities.

These exercises are very effective as it helps to add good muscle to your body as these are time tested ones practiced by many bodybuilders and fitness freaks.

Various Exercises For Building Muscles


This exercise is the ideal choice to build muscles and lets you to have well-toned legs. When you pick up the weight, make sure your back has the arch position and your head should be at the back.

Make your shoulders a bit wider than the width of your shoulders and imagine sitting in a chair as it is the right way to execute the exercise. You can also grab a pair of barbells and try the squats for a different feel.

Dead Lifts

This exercise is the right choice to offer your back good strength and to pump muscles. This also offers a good amount of strength and improves the mid and lower part of your body. This is a natural mass building exercise and to do it right, take shoulder level stance with your feet apart and hold your barbells a few inches away.

Ensure that the shoulders are in front and bend from the hips to allow a curve in your spine. Now have a firm grip over the bar and bend until the knees reach the shins. Avoid squat in this position and look down at a 45-degree angle. This will also improve the pulling strength of your body.

Bench Press

If interested to have a huge muscle padded breast and chest, this is one of the perfect muscle-building exercises. But the trick lies in doing it in the correct way. Lie down on your back on the bench and slowly lift the weight down to your chest level. Gently let the weight to touch your chest and then push the weight up in a very gentle way.

Push up until it reaches the head level. Make sure it ends where your mouth is. Remember not to push it towards the feet as it might be very heavy. Always concentrate the weight on your chest as it is essential to pump up the chest muscles.

Military Press

The most important exercise among the rest is the military press. It is preferable to do this exercise by making the weight to press the back of your neck than at the front. This is very beneficial to get a wider upper torso look.

When lifting the weight behind your back, make sure that you keep your elbows at the back throughout the regime. If doing in on the front make sure that your forearms stay in a perpendicular position with the bar. Always prefer a wider one than the narrow military press.


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