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Fundraising Tips For Small Nonprofits


In the world of nonprofits fundraising is everything. This is how they keep themselves working. And as a small nonprofit you are required to do a little extra to achieve your goals. Here are some of the most popular ideas and tips that will these small nonprofits to host their dream fundraisers.

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising is the most common and easiest way of fundraising for small organizations. This ensures that those interested in donating reach out to their family and friends and invite them to take part in your fundraiser.
  • Installing donation kiosks is another great way to expand your reach. This is where you invest your time and resources. These kiosks are really helpful as they increase your daily interaction with potential donors drastically. There are several fundraising websites that can help you in installation of these kiosk. They can design software that will direct all the payment to your website and manage those payments as well.
  • Crowdfunding is another quick and easy way of doing so. Similar to a kiosk many fundraising websites are out there to help you manage these online dealings. They also provide tailor made apps with which it is really easy for the donors to donate anytime they want.
  • Creating unique gear is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your fundraiser. T-shirts or mugs can be used as additional items provided to the volunteers or teams. This not only motivated them but can also be seen as a memento of the event.

Other than this annual events can be really effective in increasing your audience and expanding the presence of your organization. Here are some ideas for the events that can be done annually.

  • Travel raffle

With some great connections you can pull off a travel raffle, this might be a life-time moment for some of your supporters as they go out on a vacation. You can work with your staff in order to make this a success. You just have to secure airfare and a great accommodation for two.

This is an effective way to keep your supporters engaged as well as motivated.

  • Sports tournaments

Sports tournaments are not only great for interaction, theyalso help in keeping your supporters healthy and fit. You can conduct any sport event depending upon your region. A healthy competition among your supported is really good and will further going to help you with your cause.

Social media has a major influence over fundraising events. Any organization be it small or a large one should really focus on their social media accounts. They should post stuff regularly and engage with their supporters all the time.

They can share the stories of their supporters as well as their achievements in order to attract more potential donors. There are fundraiser websites that help you in managing your organization’s social media presence.

These online tools also provide you with all the relevant data like the number of likes, comments and shares that you get on your content or profile. This data is really helpful for small nonprofits in order to grow.

To conclude, it is important for small nonprofits to engage with their supporters all the time. They can host annual events to interact with existing supporters and to attract new supporters as well. Social media also plays a vital role in their growth which is why small nonprofits should pay a lot more attention to it.


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