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Getting Started With Your Bodybuilding Program


Many times, starting a bodybuilding program can be an intimidating experience. You step in a professional gym and all you see is muscular, big armed men and lean women training themselves with serious attitude. You might also hear some of the weirdest vocabulary like pyramid training, spotting, periodication, reps, etc., that literary seem like being in a boring lecture. However, these all things seem weird until you actually understand its meaning as well as importance. Eventually, these thing would be the one that would motivate you as soon as you enter the gym. The steroid reviews are available at search engines to get the correct information about the supplements. The feedbacks and comments are available to gain fat for the muscle of the people. If you are entering in the gym, then learning about them is necessary for the people.


If you are actually thinking of starting your career in this field, you must be mentally prepared in the first place. The next important thing you do is write down your reasons for joining the gym. It might be strength training, building up the mass, slimming down, or tightening your midsection; you must write it down. Also, mention whether the plan would be a long term or a short term one. Once decided, restrict yourself in achieving these targets. You can never just experience success without showing a positive attitude and respect towards your workout. Following are some of the tips that will help you in getting started with your bodybuilding program.

Tips to Start with Bodybuilding Program

Getting a Green Signal

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a perfectly fit body. Thus, one must get a green signal from their physicians prior to starting their workouts. Your physician may ask you to perform various tests and make a conclusion whether your body is fit or unfit for the hardcore bodybuilding training. However, along with your physician’s decision, you must also make a decision for yourself about your current conditions and where do you want to see yourself within the next three months. Be realistic as well as positive and commit yourself to achieve your goals.

Designing Your Exercise Program

This is one of the most important stages while getting started with your bodybuilding workout and helps you in achieving your goals. While designing your exercise program, you must be aware of your motives for getting into a gym. This will help you as well as your personal trainer in designing a perfect workout plan for you. Thus, your primary objective as soon as you enter the gym is to build a solid foundation with a perfect training program that will help you in reaching your goals without any waste of time.

Muscle Training

The bodybuilding training programs are usually categorized by grouping of muscles or body parts. Targeting a particular group of muscles at a time helps in stimulating that particular body part, thus influencing the development of that muscle. While performing muscle training, each and every muscle group must be developed to avoid muscle imbalance and risk of injury. Some of the major muscle groups include the chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, and abdomen. Thus, one must pay special attention to each and every muscle and undertake a thorough muscle training program.


Exercises usually depend upon your motif of joining the gym. Also, if you are a beginner, it’s suggested that you stick to the basics for solid foundation. Exercises play an important role in the overall development of your muscles. Thus, one must pay special attention to the exercises they choose and perform. Another important aspect of exercises is that they can be performed in many different ways. For example, a chest press can be performed using a barbell as well as dumbbells. Thus, one also needs to understand the ways exercises are performed.

Another important consideration about the exercises is that a similar exercise can target a muscle differently. A better example for understanding this is the bench press and the incline bench press. Both the exercises target the chest muscle, however, the later one targets the upper pectorals more effectively. Thus, one must include different exercises that target the same muscle differently in their workout.


Weights form an important constitute in bodybuilding training. Weights help in stimulating and putting on intensive pressure on your muscles. Thus, proper knowledge about the utilization of weight is necessary while getting started with your bodybuilding program. It’s always suggested to start your training with light weights till you gain some strength, understand the way weights are handled, and gain some experience. Once you get familiar with the light weight, you can try out some heavy weights and eventually start your weight training.

Increasing the weight during your workout is also an important aspect to understand. It’s suggested to perform your set taking up an average weight and then increasing it gradually for the further sets. However, one can also perform it in an inverse manner by taking up a heavy weight for the first set and then decreasing it for the subsequent sets by increasing the repetitions. While training on weights, one must also see to it that they increase the weight until they reach failure.


A set is nothing, but a combination of a particular exercise with a considerable change in the weights. While performing exercise for a particular muscle, a minimum number of repetitions is required to effectively sustain the growth of that muscle. It’s suggested that one should perform at least four sets of each exercise, which then contribute two sets of lighter weights and two set of hardcore heavy weights. The initial two light weight sets help in warming up the muscle and getting it ready for further hardcore training.


Also commonly called as reps, are the number of times a particular exercise is performed. Reps play an important role in performing a set, and one must understand how to count their repetitions. Reps are usually counted with a complete of one cycle. The beginners are instructed to keep the weights light and perform around fifteen repetitions for each set. On the other hand, professionals are usually recommended to perform the light weight sets with around 12-15 reps and decreasing till eight reps while increasing the weights. Reps are also closely associated with performance of the set.

Proper Form

This is one of the most important things one should learn while getting started with their bodybuilding program. It is during your beginner’s stage when you actually get used to the way exercises are performed. Thus, one must see to it that one is aware of the proper forms used to perform the exercises. Exercises achieve their results only when they are performed in a proper form. An improper form will not only vain the exercise, but will also increase the risk of getting injured. Hence, one must pay special attention in understanding the way exercises are performed during their initial stages.

Speed of Movement

The speed of movement while performing any set must be smooth, controlled, and slow. Speed of movement helps in producing greatest results for bodybuilding purposes and must be considered while performing any exercise. A slow and controlled movement of rep will help you in concentrating a particular muscle, compressing it, and creating maximum impulsion on that muscle. One of the best ways to maintain the speed of movement is a two second positive contraction while raising the weight, a momentary squeeze at a peak point contraction, and a two second negative contraction while lowering the weight.


Proper breathing is essential while performing exercises and plays an important role in muscle development. Beginners usually do not pay attention to their breathing while performing exercise, or rather personal trainers fail to guide them regarding breathing. A normal and suggested breathing cycle is inhaling during the start of the repetition and exhaling while ending it.


Rest in between two sets is mandatory. This helps you in relaxing and getting back to a normal condition prior of starting with a new set. A normal rest gap ranges between 60 to 90 seconds and must be taken after every set. I have often seen candidates in gym taking with their buddies after every set they perform, which is not acceptable. One must concentrate and give themselves adequate time to rest and should avoid any talking after the set. Resting also helps in regaining enough energy and going for a much more heavy set. Thus, one must take proper rest in between the sets.

The above mentioned information on getting started with your bodybuilding program will definitely help you in building up great muscles. These described tips would not only help you in building your muscles, but also in avoiding any injuries and gain quick results.


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