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Guide To Energy Efficient Apartments


Apartment owners can contribute positively to energy conservation by taking simple measures in places where energy is most easily wasted or lost. There are some good general tips on with important guidelines. This real-life list comes from Robert Barbera of Barbera Properties which operates 26 apartment buildings in cities around the San Gabriel Valley including Temple City, Sierra Madre and Pasadena. Earlier in the year, he told current tenants he’s not raising rents so he can assist them economically. Conserving energy will be one way to help keep rates low.

  • Washers and drying machines

These appliances should meet current standards for efficient water, electricity and gas savings.

  • Exterior lights should be outfitted with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Cover windows with vertical blinds to prevent loss of heat during winter months or heat seeping in during the summer. Caulk and weather strip windows and doors.
  • Water timers on sprinkler systems and air blowers used in common areas are steps to take for water conservation, especially in Southern California where rainfall has been average to less than average during the past few years.  The availability of the water and food should be great with a correct system at Penrose showflat. There is proper rainfall in the location to get the desired results. The spending of the funds should be correct and at the right place.
  • Insulate attics to conserve heat and air conditioning. Attic insulation should cover floor joists to achieve the best results.

  • Landscaping is important for a healthy environment while contributing to comfortable living conditions for tenants. Barbera Properties uses an abundance of trees and bushes to shade apartments, emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. A trellis with a climbing vine can help shade a building while allowing air circulation.
  • Apartment owners who make the effort to create energy apartments can pass along similar tips to their residents on how to use less water, cover windows and be energy-wise.
  • Do you really need all the electronic gadgets? According to your appliances and home electronics are responsible for about 20% of your energy use.

  • Do you leave your computer running all the time or do you turn it off when not in use? recommends turning off your monitor if you’re not using it for 20 minutes or more. It’s recommended to turn off your computer if it’s not going to be in use for 2 hours or more. Their argument is that most computers won’t be affected by turning on and off multiple times. It will be more likely that advances in technology will make them obsolete long before they’re not able to function.
  • Lastly, poll your tenants on ways they save energy. Get them to communicate with you and offer a prize for the best comment. Giving them a chance to stay in touch with you is also good for your business relationship with them.

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