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Gym Gloves- Invaluable Assets To Body Builders


While exercising plays an important part in improving and sustaining the well-being of a body, the more important point to look out for is to exercise caution while doing so. While lifting heavy weights, a painful wrist can weaken the grip on the arm and make you lose concentration while performing the exercise and if the pain persists it can lead to a strain or even a tear in tendons and ligaments

In order to avoid any kind of haphazard or accident from taking place, the gym trainers always suggest an excellent quality of gym gloves with proper support to the wrist in the form of a strap.

The benefits that you can avail on using gym gloves are as follows: 

  • Firm Grip:

Grip is the most important thing to look out for when working on weights. If the grip is strong then you can not only lift more weight, but also helps in avoiding heavy injuries while lifting heavy dumbells and barbells. As a lengthy workout result in the hands becoming sweaty and slippery, people lifting heavy weights with sweaty hands can pose a serious problem not only to themselves but also, inadvertently, to others as well, and here is where the gym gloves come in handy, quite literally. Make sure to buy those made of pure leather as they absorb all sweat and help develop a better grip while lifting weights.

  • Comfortable for hands:

Another important aspect of the gym gloves is that they provide comfort while wearing and you can feel the difference after lifting weights barehanded and while wearing gloves and thereby feel more comfortable with the gloves wrapped around your hands. During winters, when the weights are extremely cold to hold on to, resulting in the hands becoming numb, gloves are useful here as they are well padded and warmer from the inside.

  • Supports the wrist:

While some gloves don’t offer any wrist support, you are highly recommended to get only the ones that do alongwith an additional benefit in the form of extended wrist strap, which comes with a Velctro strap which wraps around the wrist tightly, thereby making it more comfortable and stable. Its main purpose is to protect the wrists while dealing with extremely heavy weights. No support to the wrist can lead to pain in the wrists and even small fractures, and sometimes even grave injury, that may not heal for a very long time

  • Callus Blisters and Burns:

Even a small blister can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, as it not only affects the training but other day-to-day tasks as well. Blisters are only to natural while lifting weights but gym gloves with padding helps in spreading the pressure of the weight on the entire palm, which decreases the likelihood of getting blisters and calluses on the hands.

  • Make you stronger physically:

As you are able to lift weights effortlessly while wearing gloves, it makes you stronger, as they are very effective while doing pull ups and deadlifts. Many individuals have the ability to lift and carry much more weight but are unable to do so due to the limitations of the hands and this is where the gloves help them as the weight has to be borne by the whole arm.

There are many people who claim to be experts who will tell you not to use gloves as they will interfere with training and are quite right if you are using the wrong type of gloves so what you can do is try them out and feel the difference during training and stop using them if not satisfied.

There are the best workout gloves reviews for different individuals who review them based on their choices and tastes. One that is considered to be the best by many trainers and experts are the Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves that are made up of Silicon Printed Neoprene, that make them resistant to oil, water and many dangerous chemicals, thereby increasing their lifespan, usable for both males and females and offer them wrist support to every exercise possible.

Important points: 

It gives a better, firm grip, less sweaty, thereby instilling confidence and comfort

The design of palm provides a guaranteed maximum protection of hands from injury

The Silicon Printed Neoprene provides a tighter grip to increase the rate of work

  • Trideer Weight lifting gloves:

It produces CrossFit gloves, that are a regular favourites for gym-goers, body-builders and those who are partial to free weights, as they offer tremendous support to the wrist and high protection of the end-palm


Absolute protection of hand and superior, iron-clad grip

Contains dual straps that provides extra comfort

Feather weight microfiber provides longer durability

Contains Silica gel palm that has stronger grip that makes it very versatile

Evo 2 Weightlifting gloves:

These are made by Skott and come with a support of wrap. It is used by professional body builders and amateurs alike for gaining a great experience in training that contains a double stitched fibre allowing resilience and firmness. It has nearly two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing of training and sports.


The gel print is located purposefully at the right vantage sections and ensures a strong grip

Contains an extended double wrist wrapping that ensures maximum security and absolute control

It has a detachable hook made of plastic that makes movement more convenient


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