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Have You Considered Lifting Weights To Lose Weight


So, your cherished dream is to diminish the amount of subcutaneous fat without muscle mass loss, and finding perfect training for your body to become slim and well-trained?

At the same time, you also do not want to lose strength and endurance not to affect the greatest sports achievements…

How to act in this situation?

Keeping a diet and lifting weights will help you to lose extra pounds.

Weight training will be your best assistant at weight loss for three reasons:

The more you work out, the less you need to worry about the calories. While burning 300-400 calories a day, you speed up the fat burning process. These numbers were determined as a result of research and are completely accurate. In order to get a more accurate report on this, you can refer to this article

Weight lifting training for weight loss help increases the speed of your RMR. After intensive weight training metabolic rate (RMR) is elevated for a few hours, and you burn extra calories when relaxing.

In the video below, fitness expert Nash Jocic from discusses the many advantages of weight training over cardio training for fat loss.

Why Is Weight Training Best For Fat Loss?

If you practice weight training, you speed up the metabolic processes even more: those muscles you are working on are metabolically active tissues. The increase in its volume increases the metabolic rate.

Researchers from the University of Colorado conducted an experiment to observe the influence of intensive training on the process of metabolism. Ten men aged 22 to 35 years took part in the experiment.

At various stages, they performed strength and weight lifting exercises and took control of their physical parameters at rest – in a sitting position. During the experiment, all of them were fed according to a prescribed diet containing 65% carbohydrate, 15% protein, and 20% fat.

Based on the results obtained in this experiment, specialists drew the following conclusions: weight training, in contrast to aerobic exercise and rest, accelerated oxygen consumption, and hence increase the speed of RMR.

At the end of the training, participants’ RMR remains elevated for approximately 15 hours. Thus, it is obvious: strength training is a powerful stimulator of RMR and helps burn calories. Through such activities, you can easily burn fat and control your weight.

Weight lifting helps maintain muscle mass without any potential risks for your weight and health. Moreover, it helps preserve the same physical parameters as before

To conclude, sport is one of the best ways to achieve good weight loss results without the expense of muscle mass.

Weight lifting, as a result, is aimed at burning extra pounds while staying in the gym. If you dream about an ideal body and good metabolic rate, weight lifting exercises are just for you.


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