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Here’s What You Need to Know About CBD


What is CBD Oil?

CBD or known to most experts as Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a chemical that can be found in a plant known as Cannabis Sativa. In much common terms, this plant is called Marijuana. Globally, Marijuana is one of the most commonly known drugs. It is a drug that can alter the mood  and can almost affect every organ in the human body.

According to a survey made by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 80 percent of people who used drugs in the United States are using Marijuana. If you want to research and know further about this, you can  learn more on greenthevoteok.

The FDA has not recognized nor approved the Marijuana plant as medicine, yet. However, scientific studies about cannabinoids has led the FDA to approve pills that contain cannabinoid chemicals. In fact, there is a growing population of states that have legalized Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

What is the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

There is a distinct differentiation for CBD Oil and Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, while the CBD Oil comes from the leaves, flowers, and the stalk, which is extremely rich in CBD.

The difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are the parts where they are extracted. CBD Oils usually come from the leaves, flowers and the stalk. These parts are where the CBD is extremely abundant. While the Hemp Oil is extracted from the seeds of a hemp plant.

How is it helpful?

According to findings in most research, CBD oils are very helpful to humans. Due to its low possibility of side effects, it is chosen as the better alternative rather than the common painkillers.  Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in some digestion problems such as stomach swelling, irritable bowel syndrome, or even gut mobility. However, CBD is just one of the 120 substances that can be found in Cannabis Sativa, and because of this, people are having doubts and health concerns about the said plant.

How can I use Marijuana Sativa?

There are different ways in order to intake Marijuana. The most common way is to smoke it, inhale it through a vapor, brew it and mix it on tea, or eat it in edible products such as brownies or marijuana chocolate bars.

Is it legal?

Technically, Cannabis is considered illegal in some countries due to its abuse of usage, however some countries legalize Cannabis because of its medicinal properties. Other countries are still in observation for the use of Cannabis.

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is considered legal however, some countries, such as Canada, adopted a policy of decriminalization to consider a simple possession as a non-criminal offense. However, Asian and some Middle Eastern countries consider small amounts as a punishable offense and the said person carrying such drugs can be imprisoned for several years.


Mostly, people consider Cannabis as a deadly and addicting plant that might destroy lives. However, upon proper and responsible usage, Cannabis can be used as medicine and might treat several illnesses.


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