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Hosepipe- Explaining the Expandable Piping Format


There are some people that are quite particular about cleanliness and so much so that they simply cannot stand even a speck of dirt in the house as it drives them mad, a trait that is found in the older generation which is called obsessive compulsive disorder.

This weird trait is found in many people all across the world with one example being the fictional character Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ portrayed so brilliantly by the inimitable Jim Parson but there are many out there in real life as well.

Speaking of cleaning, there are many examples that can be given in this matter like keeping your house speck and tidy along with pruning the garden from time to time where the new generation is completely lousy as everyone is at that age when maturity hits them a tad bit too late.

Hosing Out

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom and the garden, you always go for the hosepipe to sprinkle on the plants and flowers so that they can get greener with time but what happens is that most people are not very serious about it for godforsaken reasons.

People that are accustomed to gardening usually use a garden hose to prune their plants but we are going to look at certain aspects on which hose can be utilized the best in such circumstances.

Using a garden hose is perfect but house owners and gardeners are divided among expendable hoses and smaller ones but that discussion is for another day so we shall only focus on the types of hoses that can be used here.

Fortunately expendable hoses are seen as the more preferred ones as they pop up in discussions way too often and rightfully so because a small hose is for a garden that is small in size but an expendable hose can be used for anything without issues.

Even the writer has been seeing such hoses being flashed on television where salesmen would explain its necessities and how they are put to work which is why the manufacturers are doing their best to make up newer stocks so that they can be availed better.


Instead of wasting time on Mejores comparativas, we are going to focus on the benefits of hoses that can be utilized especially now when corona virus has more or less restricted citizens from moving out of the house too often.

As the expendable hoses are more popular, let us limit it to them:

  1. Featherweight- The obvious one that makes the first cut as they are light in weight and quite flexible but if you are using a vintage model, then they are heavy and therefore very difficult to maneuver for long so always go for a branded one
  2. Storage- As they are expendable, they can be folded and stored easily in the outhouse or closet
  3. Drainage Factor- They have to be used properly through different angles so that the water drains out easily because once you turn off the pressure then, it will release every drop automatically

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