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How Do You Build Muscle Fast – Know the steps 


The path to learning how to build muscle has been a long and arduous journey. But fortunately, shortcuts have been discovered by via the science of sports physiology. By learning these shortcuts, you can help save yourself time as you learn how to build muscle at a significantly quicker rate than normal. To answer the question, “how do you build muscle fast?” we’ll start with secret #1.

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Secret #1 is that you don’t have to spend hours every day working each muscle group. This method came about from the old school of bodybuilding for which there where no shortcuts to building muscle fast. It was a matter of spending 3-4 hours every day in the gym and working out your entire body. You rested each night and then you had 1 day off each week from working out.

Athletes involved in other sports were even told to say away from working out with weights because it would cause them to be inflexible and “muscle-bound.”

But fortunately, more and more athletes started to ignore this outdated advice as they began to discover that working out with weights actually caused them to get stronger and even more flexible.

Over time sports trainers started to evaluate and measure this progress that was happening. As these advantages were affirmed by more and more trainers, the idea of adding weight training to fitness routines started to catch on. Now it’s common for all types of athletes from football players, to gymnasts to track and field athletes to pump iron.

The science of sports physiology was born and weight training started to gain more of a scientific approach to it.

As bodybuilders started to notice this they discovered new ways to workout smarter and more effectively. Even though they still spent long hours in the gym, it was at least half the time they used to spend. The question is, how were they able to do this? And how do you build muscle fast?

What happened is that exercises and routines were now being evaluated to see which ones were the best approach for building muscles bigger and faster. Researches learned the importance of resting muscles after an intense workout. Otherwise they discovered that exhausted muscles cannot develop any further.

Now bodybuilders are advised to work each muscle group to total exhaustion just one day per week. Although other muscle groups get worked throughout the week, that’s pretty much unavoidable. But the key is to make sure that only one muscle group is exhausted once per week on it’s “focus day.” Utilizing this strategy has allowed bodybuilders to fast track their muscle growth and make their bodies stronger overall.

Following this strategy also helps avoid that constant feeling of your whole body feeling sore every day of the week. Because muscle groups are allowed to rest, they are also able to recover and rebuild themselves.

But the quest to answer the question, “how do you build muscle fast?” continued. And another important discovery in bodybuilding came upon learning that working a muscle to total exhaustion was sufficient to tear down that muscle. However it was discovered that the protein being consumed was mainly being used to just rebuild the tissue rather than helping to develop that muscle further.

People began to realize that good nutrition was the other part of the fast muscle-building equation. Some now claim that bodybuilding is 80% the result of diet. While this figure may be high, it’s certainly accurate to say that it accounts for at 50%.

The other side of the building-muscle-fast equation is good nutrition. It has been claimed that bodybuilding is 80% diet, and while this might not be entirely accurate, it certainly accounts for more than half.

So how do you build muscle fast? To build it and build it fast you need to have a diet that has at least 25% of it’s calories coming from both animal and vegetable protein. You really only want to eat complex carbohydrates, particularly try to focus on eating those vegetables that contain protein as well. You’ll want to be sure to have healthy fats and fibers making up about 25% of your diet as well.

Do everything you can to avoid refined sugars, refined starches and have a minimal intake of caffeine and alcohol. Ideally your diet should be supplemented with things like protein powders mixed with raw milk/water, kelp tablets and eggs. By eating soluble oil like wheat germ you’ll also help your body metabolize protein and on top of that you’ll get getting added endurance as well.

In summary, when someone asks “how do you build muscle fast?” there are a few different strategies to use. The first key to fast muscle growth is about exercising each muscle group smarter, not harder. The second key is rest. Rest is just as important as strength training, as your muscles need that time to rebuild develop. Finally, remember that eating a careful diet is most important strategy of all.


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