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How The Gerber Baby Life Insurance Company Caters For Families On A Budget


Purchasing a whole life insurance policy, the Gerber Grow-Up plan , is a great way to begin your child’s life. Doing so ensures that child a nest egg for pennies on the dollar. Your child is protected now and later in life will have a very nice nest egg. Many parents are probably thinking that they wish their parents had done the same thing for them.

The Gerber Grow-Up plan is a $50,000 dollar whole life insurance plan. At the age of 18, this coverage doubles and does not cost extra to keep. Once you sign up for the Grow-Up plan, premiums never increase, for you or your child. This saves you and them money. If your child, as an adult, had to purchase new coverage, they would have to pay a lot more money. Now your child has one less thing to worry about when they go out into the real world. Not only do you help them grow a nest egg, they can change their plan as an adult in different ways to find the right fit for them. Gerber always keeps your child’s best interests at heart. Can’t ask for much more then that!

Advantages of Grow-Up Plan

Child-size premiums offer adult-size coverage at all times. Start off with a $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $35,000 or $50,000 policy. Choose what fits best with your family and life plan. Once you sign one of these whole life insurance plans, your premium never goes up! Anyone who is the legal guardian of a child can apply, including grandparents. Children need to be 14 days to 14 years of age. The sooner you start, the higher that nest egg will be!

Coverage automatically doubles during your child’s 18th year of life. If you bought a $15,000 dollar policy, for example, it doubles to $30,000 and does not cost your child any more money in premiums. This is guaranteed by Gerber.

How Guaranteed Life Insurance Helps Child As An Adult

Your child gets to keep whatever coverage you purchased for them. They can also increase how much coverage they have, or decrease it, according to what their needs are at the time. Ten times the amount of original coverage can also be purchased. The payment is guaranteed never to go up as long as all premiums are paid. Have a pre-existing condition? No problem. No matter what occupation, health, or any other reason, this policy can never be canceled. Again, this is as long as premiums are paid. This can be very beneficial for children and adults that cannot get coverage from companies that do not allow pre-existing conditions.

The Grow-Up Plan builds cash value over time. It only takes 25 years for a policy to build the cash value equal to or greater than %100 all premiums that were paid into it.


You own the policy until your child turns 21 years old. Then it reverts to them. Your child does not have to buy more coverage. The option is there, however, to do so. As long as premiums are paid, Gerber cannot and will not cancel your insurance for any other reason. While you own the policy you can borrow money against it, as long as premiums are paid up. The interest on all policies is 8% a year and accrues daily.

Premium cost depends on a few factors. What state you live in, which amount of coverage, and your child’s age will all determine what the premiums will be. Gerber gives you a handy quote tool on their website. The premium does not double when your child turns 18. Only the coverage does.

You can add another child to the policy but they will need their own. Fill out a new application and send it in. Grandparents can also add their grandchildren or purchase coverage. If your grandchild lives out of state, choose the state you live in when filling out the forms. You can always look online about life assurance uk or discuss it with your life planner.

So, now that you know the upsides to this baby life insurance plan, what are you waiting for? Start your child on the road to health right now.


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